‘Indian ecommerce is a megatrend’ – 25 quotes on the India business opportunity

From markets to megatrends, witness the business shifts in India through these quotes, excerpts and stories!

‘Indian ecommerce is a megatrend’ – 25 quotes on the India business opportunity

Thursday May 19, 2022,

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We are sprinting towards glory to make India the largest entrepreneurial ecosystem in the world. - Ritesh Agarwal, Oyo

We have the potential to make India a global drone hub by 2030. - Jyotiraditya Scindia, Union Minister of Civil Aviation

We have always bet on Indian startups and the Indian market, and will continue to do so. - GV Ravishankar, Sequoia Capital India

When I first saw digital billboards in India, I wondered why couldn’t these screens be integrated within the digital ecosystem and were being operated in isolation much like the static boards? - Gulab Patil, Lemma


Parents are slowly moving towards outcome-oriented learning than eye candy courseware like coding classes. - Neelakantha Bhanu Prakash, Bhanzu

College education equips you with the knowledge, but skills are still lacking. - Biswajit Shaw, Protrainy

The edtech and fintech sectors as they are undoubtedly the backbone of the Indian economy. - Amit Ratanpal, BLinC Invest

More than $200 billion in loans are given informally to friends and family in India each year. Moreover, more than $300 billion in spending is shared with family/dependents. – RedSeer

Consumers of India deserve a better class of credit products out there. - Mehul Jindal, BharatX

Finding critical information around title, dispute and regulatory compliances of an individual house or plot has traditionally involved manually gathering paper records from multiple offices. - Kshitij Batra, TEAL India


Gyms aren't equipped to deal with disabled people, and trainers lack any knowledge of inclusivity. - Tinkesh Kaushik, triple amputee

In Haryana, women are not encouraged to continue their education after a certain level, are considered a burden and married off by the age of 18. - Shalu Kirar, Bomb Fire

Today, investors too have become aware and are more than willing and open to be gender-neutral. - Mabel Chacko, Open

People believe that anything to do with engineering or robots is for boys and so we emphasise on the message that girls can pursue them as well. - Deepti Sharma, ThinkerPlace

[Manufacturing] is a male dominated industry and taking instructions from a woman isn’t an accepted norm. - Ghazal Alagh, MamaEarth


Considering the diverse Indian community, where ill-health is the manifestation of many social and economic issues, an integrated approach proves to be very effective for the upliftment of the deprived, and the society, as a whole. - Anant Pandhare, Dr Hedgewar Hospital

The elective healthcare system in India is very expensive, and that is one of the main reasons people shy away from these services. - Revant Bhate, Mosaic Wellness

According to reports, India accounts for over half (almost 60 percent) of new leprosy cases worldwide, despite being declared ‘leprosy-free’ since 2005. - Gobinath

The customer journey for commercial electric vehicles in India is quite broken...there’s a severe lack of knowledge around the purchase, maintenance, and resale of EVs. - Xitij Kothi, Vidyut Tech

Aligned to India’s green transition mission, the electric two-wheeler industry is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. - Padmanabh Sinha, NIIFL

The government is actively promoting the concept of doorstep diesel delivery (DDD), which has successfully enabled over 1,000 entrepreneurs to make energy more accessible. - Sanya Humsafar

With an increasing push from the Government of India, electric mobility has gained strong momentum in India and last mile intra-city logistics is the first market to get electrified. - Abhinav Suri, Stride One


We believe the next 20 years will be about Indian brands producing Indian products, for Indians. - Karan Kapur, K Hospitality

There is a global appreciation for ‘Made in India’ products. - Ross LaJeunesse, Etsy

Ironically, there aren’t enough significant policies to regulate the [crafts] sector. - Kavya Saxena, Craftpotli

There are more than 21 lakh weavers and 14.5 lakh artisans in the [North-East] region, but the right kind of market linkage has been missing. - Rajiv Kumar Singh, NEHHDC

Lack of funds, skills, or even small production capacity hinders [MSMEs] from coming out of their shell and exporting globally. - Rakesh Kumar, India Expo Mart

The government of India has an ambitious target for ONDC (open network for digital commerce); it aims to bring onboard 30 million sellers and 10 million merchants online, covering both goods and services. - Vineet Toshniwal, Bizzo

The Indian pet food market is at a nascent stage as compared to global markets, with a potential to be 10X of its current size. - Nikhil Vora, Sixth Sense Ventures


Amazon India has cumulatively created more than 11.6 lakh direct and indirect jobs, enabled nearly $5 billion in cumulative exports and digitised over 40 lakh MSMEs in India till date. - Amazon India

In India, kiosk-based retail is now accepted as an alternate mode of retailing. To make sure that customers get the right retailing solution, you need to have the right technology to do that. - Rajesh Kumar, NutriTap

Indian CPG (consumer packaged goods) retail is a $100 billion opportunity and kirana stores own the majority of current distribution channels. - John Curtius, Tiger Global

Indian ecommerce is a megatrend. The checkout piece sits at the bottom-most part of the funnel with the highest intent customers. - Schuster Tanger, TQ Ventures

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