Gain insights into the future of retail tech with Google Cloud

Cloud computing steps up to build agile, efficient, and omnichannel retail businesses

Gain insights into the future of retail tech with Google Cloud

Friday July 08, 2022,

3 min Read

As a result of widespread digital transformation, retail businesses today face immense pressure to deliver new business and customer-centric capabilities. Rising labour costs, pandemic-affected factory working conditions, and burgeoning supply chain management have all compounded the pressure. Added to this, as omnichannel shopping is becoming the new norm, consumer and retail companies are on their tenterhooks to deliver fast, impeccable service.

In a scenario like this, adopting to cloud computing has helped retailers effectively manage supply chain processes, gain access to real-time insights on inventory and sales, leverage data analytics to design unique customer experiences, simplify and prioritise workflows, reduce IT costs, manage data security, enhance profitability, enable disaster management, and overall improve efficiency and agility of their business. 

Some key trends emerging in the cloud-enabled retail business are efficiency in data processing, inventory management, supply chain, automated workflows, and setting up seamless omnichannel models.

Cloud computing is an essential means in such scenarios to bring data from various sources, segregate and process it for different business needs, maintain business continuity, while offering a retailer option on efficiency programming their supply chain, inventory to meet the demands of these structures.

The webinar titled ‘Cloud raising capabilities for retail businesses’, in partnership with Google Cloud and YourStory, will bring insights for a rapidly evolving segment that will address and answer questions on the future of retail tech.

This virtual event, to be held on 14/07/2022 from 3:00 PM onwards, aims to bring domain experts, entrepreneurs, business leads, technologists, on a common platform to share their thoughts on industry trends and practices, and offer insights on how they foresee cloud services changing the business of retail.

The webinar will kickstart with a keynote address on the prospect of cloud raising capabilities for retail businesses, followed by a fireside chat about the automation in retail that is enabling minimum human intervention and better control of retail workflows, followed by an in-depth panel discussion on cloud-enabled seamless omnichannel supply chain for retail businesses.

Talking points will include how cloud ecosystems are helping to build pricing and margin management, inventory management, customer experiences, data security and disaster management, automation in retail workflows, analytics engines for retailers, among many other topics.

The opening keynote address for the event will be addressed by Rajan Manickavasagam, Principal Architect, Retail and eCommerce, Google Cloud. Our fireside chat will have speakers Amit Kumar, Director Sales, Google Cloud India and Flipkart / Meesho discussing automation in retail. The panel discussion will feature Chintan Shah, Head - Internet and Software Business, Google Cloud who will share insights on how cloud ecosystems are enabling seamless omnichannel supply chains for retail businesses.

To all stakeholders, founders, experts from the retail sector, this is your chance to be part of the discussion with your questions and insights, understanding the latest innovations and emergence of new technologies, platforms and ecosystems that will power the future of retail tech.

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