Startup news and updates: daily roundup (August 31, 2022)

YourStory presents the daily news roundups from the Indian startup ecosystem and beyond. Here's the roundup for Wednesday, August 31, 2022.

Startup news and updates: daily roundup (August 31, 2022)

Wednesday August 31, 2022,

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EV tech startup Electrifuel raises Rs 1.8 crore from IAN

Electrifuel, a Delhi-NCR-based EV technology startup, has raised Rs 1.8 crore in its seed round from the Indian Angel Network (IAN).

The company intends to use the funds to hire top talent for multiple roles. Electrifuel also plans to invest in its R&D for the overall growth of the enterprise.

Founded in 2017 by a group of engineers, Sumesh Kumar, Sunil Kumar, Abhishek Kumar, and Ujjwal Bhardwaj, Electrifuel enables EV and battery manufacturers to provide products with precise geolocation and cellular connectivity, efficient and fast charging, effortless battery swapping, warranty and service management.

Electrifuel has already deployed more than 15000 units of its products to over 25 customers and is in trials with 4 Battery Manufacturers. Apart from the battery management system, it also provides necessary hardware like motor controllers, vehicle control unit, telematics, battery charger, and a complete suite of web and mobile apps as software solutions for enterprises and customers.

Tezos India Game Launchpad partners with IndiGG

Tezos India Game Launchpad (TIGL), a vertical and platform rolled out by Tezos India to enable game developers to launch their games on the Tezos blockchain, has entered into a partnership with IndiGG, India's biggest gaming guild and a sub-DAO of Yield Guild Games. 

This partnership will enable Tezos India to leverage IndiGG’s deep domain expertise, which will assist them in boosting the adoption of web3 gaming in India. 


TIGL’s core focus is on developing a suite of essential tools and services for the creators and developers to focus on building gameplay in the web3 arena, instead of them worrying about blockchain technology and its technicalities. 

Once the games are launched on the blockchain, IndiGG will invest in purchasing NFTs and will lease them out to its community members to encourage them to play the game and thus stand a chance to earn exciting rewards. 

Furthermore, as a part of this collaboration, TIGL and IndiGG have together planned a host of upcoming activities ranging from community building, launching growth hacks, bounty campaigns, as well as various cross-marketing initiatives such as Twitter Spaces, AMAs, blog articles, and social media engagements. 

VaidyaRx launches digital health app

Digital health startup VaidyaRx has launched a health app to streamline the patient-physician-pharmacy loop. 

The startup is looking to raise $2.5 million from investors and aims to increase the current user base to 200,000in the next 6 months.

Further 200 more providers (physicians, pharmacists) will be added to the existing network, the company said.

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