Trend Micro’s CLOUDSEC_Challenge enables techies to test their skills and experiment with cloud security tools

Trend Micro’s CLOUDSEC_Challenge is the spread of gamified events for techies to challenge their skills and apply principles to practice.

Trend Micro’s CLOUDSEC_Challenge enables techies to test their skills and experiment with cloud security tools

Monday September 05, 2022,

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Cloud security is the latest buzzword that has set the perfect storm with an exploding set of cloud infrastructure services. Despite cloud services and SaaS providers striving hard to deliver a secured environment, cloud security is based on the shared responsibility model, and enterprises become ultimately responsible for the data and workloads placed in the cloud.

Thus, to deal with the additional security controls to meet internal or external compliance requirements or protection against ransomware attacks, zero-day vulnerabilities, and other sophisticated attacks, Trend Micro comes to the rescue.

To keep up with the pace, Trend Micro regularly carries out its CLOUDSEC_Challenge Hands-On Labs which are gamified events, curated specially for techies to challenge their cloud security skills.

The challenge includes fun and interactive gamification features that will test and sharpen developers’ cloud security and threat-hunting skills and knowledge. Trend Micro has customised these challenges, which are spread across three hours, with real-world scenarios for developers and cloud techies to adapt and be prepared while dealing with similar instances.

What’s more about the challenge?

For this challenge, players would have to accumulate points based on response accuracy and speed and can follow the group leaderboard updates in real-time. Besides, there are exciting prizes listed for the top three winners and also for the participants who would successfully complete the challenges.

Further, the upcoming CLOUDSEC_Challenge Hands-On Labs will be based on two unique Cloud Security Challenges:

Cloud File & Object Storage- Secure your file and object storage services leveraging cloud-native application architectures.

Cloud Compliance & Posture Management- Fulfill your side of the shared responsibility model with continuous guardrails for your cloud.

So, what’s more, what to expect in these three hours?

Warm-up- 30 minutes of introduction and platform walkthrough

Kick Ass- Match wits and skills with your peers for 2.5 hours, crush the leaderboard, earn your bragging rights, and win amazing prizes!

To be held on September 16, starting from 2 pm, this virtual event is a major scope for the techies to hone their skills while developing their innovative thoughts for the future. So, grab your chance today!

To join and live stream the event, confirm your presence today.