Amazon Pay’s ‘#ADreamTeam’ video focuses on its unique workplace culture

Amazon Pay encourages employees to innovate, learn, and rejuvenate by providing work-life balance, creative mind space, and opportunities for purpose-driven work.

Amazon Pay’s ‘#ADreamTeam’ video focuses on its unique workplace culture

Thursday September 01, 2022,

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Amazon Pay recently introduced ‘#ADreamTeam’ digital campaign video to showcase its unique workplace culture within the Amazon ecosystem, while searching for talented candidates to join the team.

#ADreamTeam is a representation of how Amazon Pay is striving towards creating a ‘great place to work,’ with handpicked experiences and communication elements to establish a connection with the employees.

“At Amazon Pay, our Dream Team works with an entrepreneurial mindset to simplify and safeguard the payment experience for customers. Our culture empowers our teams to learn, grow, test, fail, and continuously set new benchmarks. #ADreamTeam campaign video is a testament to this ethos. Through this video, we aim to reach out to the best technology talent and strengthen our position as the employer of choice in the Indian fintech industry.” said Vinay Kaushik, HR Leader, Amazon Pay.

The unique work culture is captured via this video and shows that the company encourages employees to innovate, learn, and rejuvenate. It provides a glimpse of its headquarters in Bengaluru, where employees from various functional areas are seen freely engaging, interacting, and working with each other. The aim of this workplace collaboration is to explore new ideas which would further simplify digital payments and enhance the experience for millions of customers and merchants across India.

Nurturing a unique culture

Amazon Pay also believes in constantly empowering its employees. The company organizes hackathons to solve real customer needs. Such initiatives within the company are dedicated to driving an inspiring vision, empowering, and rewarding employees to realize that they are building products that are substantial and path-breaking.

Pathshala, an onboarding initiative by Amazon Pay, helps new employees/joiners understand the Amazon culture and demystify the fintech domain. “As we all know, ‘payments’ is an ever-evolving industry and we must stay tuned to what's happening in the industry, along with demystifying some of the concepts that Amazon Pay has as an organization. So, we have taken the Pathshala module, which earlier used to be classroom training, and have transformed that into a hybrid model by making it a self-learning culture,” shared Vinay.

Amazon Pay also initiated the ‘Voice of Employee’ and an ‘Ask Me Anything’ series. The ‘Ask Me Anything’, are interesting sessions conducted by the Pay leaders, including the CEO. “These sessions help us listen to employees regularly. It gives us an undiluted voice of employees and help our leaders listen to it effectively. We use these to drive some of our initiatives, such as Tech Career Week, Pay Rejuvenation Day, and so forth,” he said.

Delving deeper on these, Amazon Pay celebrates every fourth Friday of the month as ’Pay Rejuvenate Day’, wherein employees are encouraged to do anything that refreshes them. For example, this could be spending time on their favorite idea, learning a new skill, speaking to their mentors, or just taking their time off.

In ‘Tech Career Week’, Amazon Pay dedicates an entire week for engineers to pause, think about their careers, and then look for the pre-requisites for perfect career development.

Recruiting tech talent

Amazon Pay’s dream team comprises a wide variety of roles across cybersecurity, cloud computing, data analytics, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, and UI/UX design. The opportunities to constantly learn and enable purpose-driven innovation make Amazon Pay an exciting workplace for tech talent in the industry and within the Amazon ecosystem.

Amazon Pay’s motto focused on ‘why we do it’ rather than ‘what we do’ while recruiting tech talent. “So, we at Amazon Pay, like the rest of Amazon, are very input-focused. The whole idea of ‘why we are doing it’ and not ‘what’ brings purpose to everybody. So, we have successfully built a powerful mechanism that helps us by a simple way of driving inputs, where employees are thinking backward and building technology on behalf of our customers,” explained Vinay.

Get the glimpse of Amazon Pay’s interesting work culture and experience the true meaning of #AdreamTeam. Go checkout the video now.