From the brink of bankruptcy to success: How Digitalzone became a leading demand generation company

Digitalzone is gearing up to be a global enterprise of over a thousand people and hit revenues of $100 million in the next three to five years.

From the brink of bankruptcy to success: How Digitalzone became a leading demand generation company

Wednesday September 07, 2022,

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The current digital market demands businesses to focus on conversions at a rapid pace. To achieve that, businesses leverage deep research to locate their (target) audience. However, insufficient efforts misdirect resources and choke organisations by depriving them of precious time and leads. Targeted marketing has become important for all kinds of businesses. But, not all businesses have the time, in-house resources, or the skills to play such a demanding game. These pains have given way to a new generation of B2B companies that guarantee marketing success.

Founded in 2013, Digitalzone helps industry-leading tech brands execute successful marketing campaigns. They sculpt high-converting landing pages that fetch high-quality leads.

But the team’s journey wasn’t easy. After finding itself on the brink of bankruptcy and a severe erosion of clients, the firm rose against all odds to become a market leader in the B2B marketing space.

Rising against all odds

In 2020, as the company navigated challenges, Rishikkes Pawar, CEO, Digitalzone risked a 100 percent stake in the company. Under his leadership, the company rose to the position of a marketing leader with a staff of 350+ in the USA and India. Today, the company has a proven track record in helping B2B clients boost demand and ROI. High-converting landing pages and result-oriented lead capture forms are just two of their specialties in performance marketing.

A leading B2B marketing company, Digitalzone specialises in performance based marketing solutions, generating high-quality leads for their clientele. To do this effectively, Digitalzone offers a set of services that every organisation with a digital footprint today requires in order to thrive, namely account-based marketing, content syndication, intent-based marketing, demand research, content creation, and opt-in list building. They have a team of experienced designers, developers, and marketers who marry aesthetics with effective landing pages—helping clients achieve marketing goals with ease.

Helping businesses scale

Digitalzone and its expertise is reflected in the way it works with clients. One such example is their work with the BMC Software. BMC sought to pass qualified leads over to their global sales team. Their plan of action was to source fresh leads from their target account list. BMC Software also wanted to drive pipeline growth for new business and achieve target DCP goals. After investigating and interviewing a host of partners, they chose Digitalzone as their Demand Gen Partner.

Since their partnership, BMC generated over two million dollars for its Demand Center Pipeline. Additionally, BMC generated more than 5,000 leads and 2,561 MQLs. With a lead-to-MQL conversion rate of 49.5 percent. Digitalzone’s marketing capabilities drove BMC Software to secure a 17x ROI.

There are many such success stories hidden in Digitalzone’s portfolio of clients. The team has helped many Fortune 5000 companies scale their marketing. Their clientele includes—but is not limited to— Microsoft, Adobe, HPE, AWS, Cisco, Globalization Partners, Slack, BMC Software, Salesforce, Gartner, Loom, Indeed, Zscaler, Splunk, MongoDB, and FloQast.

Speaking about their success at 2022’s first quarterly business review meeting in New York, Rishikkes said, “We are happy with our Q1 performance. We exceeded our growth objectives, demonstrated strong financial performance, and increased profitability in a highly competitive market. We now have a team strength of 350+ people working in the US and India. We know that we can double from here with the right strategy and collective efforts.”

Going from strength to strength

Currently, Digitalzone owns a rather substantial proprietary database of 105+ million businesses and professionals globally. Their approbated report from the current year’s first quarter records a 700 percent upswing in revenue growth. Results from the second quarter showed more growth— almost a 200 percent hike from Q1.

Rishikkes addressed this positively admirable achievement at an event in Chicago by saying, “We're extremely proud of our performance in Q2. Branding was given top importance via Forrester's in-person event and PR releases. Our efforts culminated in bagging remarkable opportunities with enterprise accounts.”

The team credits their strong customer relationships to the innovative initiatives by Digitalzone’s Customer Success team. A 92 percent renewal rate is an exemplary testimony to the great work their customer success and operations teams put in.

Digitalzone’s goals heading into Q3 are to bolster customer relationships, improve customer retention, create a better customer experience, and better communicate their value proposition.

The company plans to add marketing experts and expand offices in London, Singapore, Australia and Dubai, apart from their existing offices in New York, USA and India. In the next three to five years, they want to be an enterprise of over a thousand people and hit revenues of $100 million. And looking at their upward trajectory, it won’t take long for the team to convert these dreams into reality.

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