Gujarat government allocates Rs 35 Cr for agri-drone scheme

Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel says drone technology can be used to improve farmers' income and ease labour shortages in the agricultural sector.

Gujarat government allocates Rs 35 Cr for agri-drone scheme

Friday September 02, 2022,

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Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel has announced that the state government has allocated Rs 35 crore for agri-drone projects, with an aim of covering 1.4 lakh acres of farm land.

CM Patel said that he believes drones can help with labour shortages by offering solutions for pesticide and fertiliser spraying.

“Applying fertilisers is a labour-intensive process. Additionally, farmers have to spray pesticides to protect their crops (from pests). Generally, labourers apply fertilisers and spray pesticides. Drone technology will offer solutions for all such tasks. Additionally, we will find in drone technology the solution to an issue like shortage of labour,” the chief minister said, as reported by Indian Express.

The money has been earmarked to help farmers purchase drones, if needed.

The chief minister was speaking at a public meeting to lay down the foundation of a Center of Excellence for Horticulture in the Dhrol Taluka of Jamnagar.

“Our objective is to see to it that farmers adopt modern farming practices so that agriculture becomes increasingly profitable and farmers’ income goes up," CM Patel said.

Edited by Teja Lele