Innovation is Everywhere: Tokyo welcomes startups to innovate and expand in the city

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is hosting a webinar to encourage Indian and other overseas tech startups to expand in the city.

Innovation is Everywhere: Tokyo welcomes startups to innovate and expand in the city

Wednesday September 21, 2022,

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Famous for state-of-the-art innovations such as the Shinkansen, Walkman, android robots and world-famous automobile and electronic companies, Japan – the world’s third-largest economy by nominal GDP – is now looking to foster innovation, and Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is helping startups expand in Tokyo.

Seemingly unaffected by accelerating inflation and other economic crises occurring in countries worldwide.

Japan has remained stable with a limited increase in prices. Japan has been experiencing an increasing positive yearly growth trend in the investment towards domestic startups, and Tokyo has focused on shaping the ecosystem and encouraging sustainable urban growth initiatives.

To this effect, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, in collaboration with The Indus Entrepreneurs, is organising a live webinar 'Tokyo: Innovation is Everywhere' on September 30, 2022, at 3:30 PM via Zoom, to encourage Indian and other overseas tech startups to seize business expansion opportunities in Tokyo.

Tokyo as the next big destination for startups

The webinar will introduce Tokyo as the perfect destination for foreign startups’ pioneering innovation and planning to set up operations in the city, and Tokyo Metropolitan Government as the powerful supporter for them.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government believes that Tokyo has been and will continue to be a place where innovation would solve more social issues, leading to the realisation of sustainable economic growth by bringing together overseas companies and entrepreneurs with Tokyo companies and human resources,

According to the Office of the Governor for Policy Planning, Tokyo has established itself as a conducive environment for foreign startups to set up operations with a strong network of venture capitalists, incubation offices, and consistent support by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

The metropolitan government has set up the Business Development Centre and implemented projects such as business matching and assistance for living and administrative procedures to support foreign companies and entrepreneurs already operating or considering setting up business in Tokyo.

Major Japanese tech companies and local universities are also fostering innovation through open innovation initiatives and global collaboration with noted names in the tech and startup space.

Big names in tech

Several big names in the tech and startup spaces will share their inputs during the webinar. Innovation giant SONY, which is well versed in business innovation in Japan, will discuss Tokyo's attractiveness as a business city. Joining SONY will be The Indus Entrepreneurs, a leading global non-profit entrepreneurship organisation to offer its perspective.

Accenture India will discuss the city’s market environment in the global inflationary trend, whereas foreign companies Infervision and Tellus You Care, with the assistance of Access to Tokyo Singapore, will offer insights into the challenges and tips to achieve success in the city. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government will introduce the various services it provides to make the expansion process for foreign companies more seamless.

As participants, you can expect to gain insights into:

01. The attractive business market in Tokyo

02. Perspectives and support to succeed in Tokyo

03. Challenges and tips to overcome them while expanding into the city

04. Success stories of foreign companies established in Tokyo

05. Japanese companies' initiatives, focus areas, and the establishment of ESG-related programs

06. The startup investment trend in Tokyo

07. Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s support services for interested foreign companies

Given the booming startup ecosystem, this is an attractive opportunity for startups looking to expand in the thriving Japanese business market. Register for the webinar, to expand your startup’s business through innovation and explore opportunities to venture into Tokyo.

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