‘Let uncertainty fuel your creativity’ – 15 quotes of the week on motivation and change

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‘Let uncertainty fuel your creativity’ – 15 quotes of the week on motivation and change

Friday September 16, 2022,

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Reskilling has become a common notion. People are more cognisant of the fact that one’s skills have an expiry date. - Saher Mahmood, Gartner

Modern jobs have become more skill-focused than degree-focused. - Ashish Munjal, Sunstone

When you keep giving everything for free, there is no value for it. - Shruti Saxena, Lotus Petal Foundation

For mentoring, you need empathy and the ability to provide unbiased feedback. - Nagaraja Prakasam

Create a dialogue among the employees about alternative sexualities, religious practices, cultural expression and how not to make their colleagues uncomfortable. - Ranjini Chakraborty, Giesecke+Devrient

It takes a fine leader, whether a man or a woman, to understand and ensure that your people are your biggest assets, whatever industry you are in. - Kinjal Pande, DB Schenker

It is important that when we look at other humans, we only look for humans. That is where equality would begin. - Sudha Varghese, Nari Gunjan


Design thinking must entertain false starts, dead ends, about turns, and the killing of darlings before a few promising ideas emerge. - Pavan Soni, 'Design Your Thinking'

Don’t dissipate your energy on petty things; be a gangster! - Tarusha Mittal, Oropocket

You have to learn to discipline your mind because it’s always trying to tell you to quit. - Pushpa Bhatt, ultramarathon runner

Most cravings have roots in the high stress that poor sleep puts on multiple systems and organs within the body. - Deepa Kannan, PFNR

Making mistakes is a crucial part of learning and making mistakes is okay. - Oren Kaniel, AppsFlyer


Innovation thrives during these periods [of rapid change and market volatility] and remains true amid today’s more challenging market. - Jeremy Levine, Bessemer Venture Partners

When our students become problem-solvers from a young age, we not only create a self-sustaining ecosystem, but also a support system for the world. - Shailesh Malhotra, India Moonpreneur

Let uncertainty fuel your creativity. Your time and attention, and where you place it, matters. - Lauren Celenza, DesignUp 2022

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