The 3S’s of success for startups with Google Cloud: Scalability, security and stability

Cloud ecosystems not only help in seamless development of core business objectives, but also offer the right hosting solutions and technology support at every stage of a startup’s growth trajectory.

The 3S’s of success for startups with Google Cloud: Scalability, security and stability

Thursday September 15, 2022,

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Startups have one thing in common. They are all building companies from the ground up. And while doing so they need access to the right technology. Entrepreneurs are always under the pressure to work with limited budgets, while amplifying growth to build a stable business.

Cloud services not only cut operational costs, but also offer the right technology resources for early and mid-stage startups as they are scaling. Cloud computing services allow seamless development of core business objectives for success like product development, sales, marketing, records-keeping, and more.

However, while cloud hosting is an ideal solution startup, it is also imperative to choose the right technology partner who can understand specific business or industry needs and offer the right hosting solution and provide tech support at every stage of the growth journey.

Here are some important points for startups to consider for implementing cloud ecosystems, when scaling their companies.

Reduced costs:

One of the first advantages that cloud experts list out for growing companies is the reduction in hardware costs. When a startup operates on a cloud platform, it cuts investments in on-premise infrastructure like hardware, on-site data centers, which helps achieve more with less. For companies that are fast growing, diverting resources towards new hardware can be expensive and inconvenient. Cloud computing answers these issues by offering a digital ecosystem that can be acquired easily. It also cuts energy expenditures, saves precious office space, and reduces carbon emissions.

Flexibility, scalability, and mobility:

The cloud ecosystem offers pay-as-you-go models, which is great for cost optimisation as these can be scaled up or down as per demand, versus a physical IT infrastructure which is complex and time intensive to set up. Cloud-based services can be scaled up or down to accommodate increased or sudden requirements.

From a mobility perspective, cloud data and related files can be accessed from any location and from any device at any time. It helps to build a connected workforce which may be dispersed across locations in remote or hybrid work scenarios. All this can make a significant difference to the overall efficiency of a rapidly growing organisation.

Data security on cloud:

Security on cloud is a different approach, over the traditional network boundaries that drove cybersecurity strategies in the past. Data security on cloud not only has to consider threats, but also the complexity of data governance, as remote access can also lead to data leaks or thefts. Industry experts however point that a very high percentage of data thefts also occur internally and are often perpetrated by employees. In order to avoid such breaches, it becomes a safer option to keep important information on an offsite platform like a secured cloud ecosystem.

To secure cloud ecosystems, cloud hosts provide a comprehensive view of data access across platforms, on-premises, and workloads. Provisions like federated accesses, round-the-clock monitoring, process automation, auditing security tools, encryption and back-up of sensitive and critical data, identity and access management, among others play a crucial role for organisations to function seamlessly without cyber-attacks.

Collaboration, business continuity for stability:

A digital ecosystem like cloud also offers effective collaboration to track and oversee workflow and results – a very important tool, as companies increasingly adapt to hybrid and remote workers. It also offers greater integration opportunities with numerous cloud-based providers. Considering world over, as governments, businesses and people overcame numerous challenges because of pandemic-related disruptions, maintaining business continuity has become an integral part of company strategies. Cloud ecosystems help organisations get ready for contingencies as well as recovery from crisis, leading to a stable growth, in spite of such gaps.

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