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As per Wikipedia: Bitcoin is a worldwide cryptocurrency and digital payment system called the first decentralized digital currency, as the system works without a central repository or single administrator.It was invented by an unknown person or group of people under the name Satoshi Nakamoto and released as open-source software in 2009

12th July 2017

The ultimate 3500-word guide in plain English to understand Blockchain

Bitcoin and Blockchain are the buzzwords of the year. If you ever find someone feeling left behind and wondering, “WTH is the Blockchain?”, you know you can direct them to this guide.


The ABC’S of bitcoin and everything you need to know about “Forks”

22nd Nov 2017

There’s around 900 different cryptocurrencies that exist, with new ones being created every week. I can tell you for sure: 95% of the cryptocurrencies are scams or Ponzi schemes. And I get questions every day: “Is XYZ currency a scam?” And nobody listens to the answer.


Will self-regulation by Bitcoin players spur RBI to authorise use of virtual currencies?

7th April 2017

The Digital Asset and Blockchain Foundation of India aims to create awareness about the benefits and risks of cryptocurrencies, liaise with regulators and get clarity on taxation, attract investment and set up incubators to promote startups.


Play4Privacy offers a fun way to understand blockchain technology

7th October 2017

Wolfgang Bergthaler, Co-founder of lab10 collective believes that blockchain not only offers ways to build decentralised peer-to-peer payment networks that include cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, but could potentially eliminate any kind of middleman or central authority running a service.


These five Indian industries need to adopt Blockchain immediately

13th Nov 2017

Blockchain’s potential reaches far beyond cryptocurrency. Blockchain ledgers can include land titles, loans, identities, logistics, and more to bring transparency to any multi-party transaction.

The Blockchain revolution may just change the way contracts are tracked between parties. Incidentally, this is the same technology that drives the controversial Bitcoin


Cryptocurrency – is it getting too big to fail?

22nd Nov 2017

Cryptocurrency is getting bigger as people invest their hard-earned money, seeing this as a money-making opportunity. 

This is not a sudden change, and it has taken eight to nine years for cryptocurrencies to reach to the adoption stage from validation stage.


Here’s how Bitcoin prices took a record plunge over the weekend

13th Nov 2017

Bitcoin prices plummeted by 29 percent from a record high $7,882 last Wednesday, dropping to as low as $5,605 on Monday, according to data by Bloomberg.

A rival cryptocurrency, called Bitcoin Cash, spun off from Bitcoin in August, surged past the $2000 price point reaching close to $2426 on Sunday.


The state of Bitcoins, Blockchains, and Cryptocurrencies in India

15th April 2017

If you had asked me a few months ago what I thought about Bitcoins and the Blockchain technology in general, I’d probably reply with the same words you read in every headline related to this field — a decentralised, public ledger-based cryptocurrency.


FoundersSpace: What you & your startup need to know about Bitcoins

12th April 2014

“We feel that every startup in our accelerator needs to understand Bitcoin,” says Steve Hoffman, the cofounder of Founders Space.  “It’s no longer an option to sit on the sidelines and wait to see what happens.”


South African BitX joins hands with payment getaway PayFast to enable its 30,000 merchants accept bitcoin

24th July 2014

In South African only a handful of online merchants accepted bitcoin till now. But the announcement of PayFast, South Africa’s major payment gateway processing bitcoin payments, for its 30,000 merchants could have large scale effect on the market.

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