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Coralogix is a provider of machine-learning based log analytics and monitoring solution.
Basic Information
Founded in 2014, Coralogix’s machine learning engine enables users to improve their stability, and accelerate their version delivery without paying for the noise their systems generate. It does standard log analytics in terms of ingesting, parsing, visualising, alerting and searching for log data at scale using scaled, secure infrastructure. The company has pffices in Tel Aviv, Kiev, and San Francisco. In addition, the company has developed a set of algorithms to analyze the data, and begin to understand patterns of expected behavior, and how to make use of that data to recognize and solve problems in an automated fashion. For instance, the tool could recognize that a certain sequence of events like a user logging in, authenticating that user and redirecting him or her to the application or website. All of those events happen every time, so if there is something different, the system will recognize that and share the information with DevOps team that something is amiss. In September 2020, the company raised $25 million in Series B funding.
Legal Name
Coralogix, inc.
San Francisco, California, United States
Founding Date
No. of Employees
41 to 60
Core Team
Ariel Assaraf
CEO & Co-Founder
Guy Kroupp
Founder & CEO
Lior Redlus
Co-founder and Chief Data Science Officer
Yoni Farin
Co-founder & CTO

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Total Funding


Janvest Capital Partners
StageOne Ventures