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That Sassy Thing is a brand selling sexual and menstrual wellness products.
Basic Information
That Sassy Thing is a feminist, new age body brand designing all natural products that are safe for people with vulvas. The brand has a bigger purpose—it aims to normalise conversations around women’s bodies—periods, sex, pleasure, masturbation, body hair, the list goes on. Their goal is to help women reclaim different spaces and provide them with credible information to take ownership of their bodies and sexualities. They are transparent about all ingredients used in the products and they openly mention them on the back labels and website. They believe that people deserve to know what they are putting in their bodies. What makes them unique They are a strong community-driven brand. They have built a community of over 8000 people organically on Instagram. The brand is consumer-first and inclusive of all types of people and bodies. Since a major part of That Sassy Thing is normalising all bodies and body hair (an example of that is using full bodied, hairy women illustrations in our communication) and they have somewhere been able to lead conversations about body and body hair positivity. Apart from the approach towards body positivity and sex positivity, their brand purpose, products and communications set them apart.
Legal Name
Huha Care Private Limited
Delhi, Delhi, India
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Sachee Malhotra