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Types of co-working spaces

Types of co-working spaces

Monday September 18, 2017,

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Most adults aspiring to be entrepreneurs or freelancers tend to find it difficult to invest in a start-up.

This is where co-working comes to the rescue!

How do you find a co-working space that suits your needs and demands? The multi-optional strategy that most workspaces contribute from their end is attractive and why not? Their main criterion is to make their customers/clients feel most comfortable about the environment they’re working in.

Maybe a cafe or a company might not suit your needs of working, choosing a right place to get an experience that is incredible and getting the best out of it also matters.

Young adults, who are looking for an office space, take wider options into consideration of choosing a suitable location in terms of the various facilities, networking, easy transport etc.

There are vaguely 4 types of co-working spaces:


Personally, co-working spaces are one of the best places to invest money or time. It’s like renting an apartment or a complex but for so much less.

They usually foster the needs and demands of entrepreneurs, start-ups and MNC’s. What could be better than having flexible office timings? At an office space you get to define your work timings, enjoy the company of other co-working firms in the building, your own private desk, meet likeminded people and indulge in a culture of a vast community. Since we’re talking about co-working, Workshaala is one place that provides more than just what I jotted down before. Their infrastructural and service support makes work so much more enjoyable, with just the right amount of assistance and incubation support needed for your company.


A lot of these cafes pose as workspaces, one of the best examples to cover what I’m saying is CAFÉ COFFE DAY. With their numerous outlets around India, they not only provide their customers with a cup of coffee but also give them the pleasure of working in such an ambiance with fast Wi-Fi.

Working in a coffee shop or a café puts you in the right mindset. Not just to work, but also to read a book while you sip on coffee or to discuss business with your clients, as most people do go to coffee shops and spend a lot in a day.


Restaurants and rooftops make the same acquaintance of providing a subdue comfort. Getting work done in a restaurant or a rooftop bar doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Obviously the workflow tends to be less in such places, but for an individual trying to get away from a crowd, this could be a better option.

When you’re surrounded by aesthetic wall paintings and architecture, co-working could easily lighten the mood and you are more likely to meet other co-workers.


This kind of co-working is just like having coffee but not most of the time. This place typically consists of good network, desks and a good space to work. They are usually really quite spaces to work in, a better place for introverts or individuals who want to stay away from a huge co-working crowd.

There are numerous places that pose as co-working spaces around the world who would love to foster entrepreneurs, start-up and freelancers.

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