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How to become a social media expert

How to become a social media expert

Friday December 22, 2017,

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The  road to getting to the top of  Social Media Ladder

The  road to getting to the top of  Social Media Ladder

A few years ago there was no job or even a career that of a social media manager. Moving forward a decade, where it’s become a must for every company to have a social media manager. With the rising popularity of social media all around the word, the demand for social media jobs is also on the rise. And now-a-days companies just don't need a social media manager; they need a social media expert, a multi-tasker who would be able to juggle his way with all the tasks that are presented to him. You may be wondering what does it take to become a social media expert Or what qualifications you need to posses to be one. Time you forget the myth of ‘what’ and come down to ‘how’ to become a social media expert. A social media marketer must an elite set of traits and here are some of them.

1.) An eye for creativity

Social Media revolves around visuals - hence an eye for creativity is one of the most important social media expert skills. An eye for creativity would mean having the skill to clearly distinguish between a poor and a good design. It would also mean having a sense of humor and not just the traditional tactics. Understand what works for your audience and try to emotionally connect and touch hearts. Be willing to experiment with new ideas by always pushing your limits.

2.) Literary skills

Your visual representation in any form can be a kick-ass image, but that’s never enough. What works with these images is the art of writing. You don't have to be an ideal writer who writes 10 pages blogs to become a social media expert. All that you need is basic understanding of writing and grammar. In the life of a social media manager, writing copies, drafting tweets and post with quality content is of utmost importance. In fact even while filling the social media job description you have to be engaging and captivating. Use tools which would check your copies for grammar and give you suggestions for better usage of words.

3.) Creation of content

A major part of Social media expertise revolves around content curation. It is vital to know what to share when, how and where. Understand the different social media format that would work for your brand such as blogs, images, videos, podcasts, and formulate your niche. You should tailor the content in a way which is engaging enough to capture the audience, in a style and format which will be interesting and creative. Also, learn and use SEO techniques that would work for your brand.

4.) Adaptive but curious

The social media landscape, like news, travels very fast, hence make sure to be adaptive to everything that’s happening. Being adaptive doesn't stop at scheduling posts to be put up, it continues to a point where you have to work with the updates and changes that keeps happening every now and then. Being able to adapt to the swift changes occurring on social media is a vital social media expertise. Other than working with the changes, you have to be curious all the time. Ensure that you are top on the latest digital marketing trends. Anything new that comes up should be first posted by you.

5.) Build relationships

Building relationship with the audience through engaging post is one skill, but building a relationship where your brand reaches out to influencers is a crucial social media skill to develop. A lot of brands fall short in this which results in spam-like comments on instagram and twitter seeking for followers. There are a lot of social media experts to follow. Their guidance can help you build better connections and create the impact you have always wanted to.

6.) Sell the right content

This is the trickiest skill a social media expert needs. You can seem to be pushy, or somebody who is creating posts which is clearly selling based, but at the same time you can’t afford to lose potential leads by being indifferent. A social media optimization expert would be the one who would strategically strike a balance by using techniques and methods that would blend in well with social media marketing.

7.) Manage the community

The very basis of social media marketing is to communicate with your audience. Your communication builds a relationship with your audience which grows into a community. A good social media manager who knows community management would be able to navigate the online sphere of promoting his brand while engaging his audience. It would mean to slowly convert an observer of your brand into a potential customer by patiently answering every query.

This set of skills also include skills such as being tech-savvy, an analytical expert and a leader.

Delve into the most happening industry yourself to know if you’ve got it in you to become a Social Media Marketing expert!