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10 Amazing Benefits of Mobile Invoicing

10 Amazing Benefits of Mobile Invoicing

Tuesday November 20, 2018,

5 min Read

Did you know?

The global E-invoicing market is expected to have a CAGR close to 19% during 2018-2022, as per the latest reports by Technavio.

Doesn’t that sounds so cool?

One of the key driving forces of the market can be convenience and ease of accessibility with mobile invoicing and payment systems. Invoice apps for android simplify banking, payments and transactions.

But, as a business owner you’re too familiar with the pains and joys of mobile invoice apps.

Invoicing, on one hand, conveys a sense of accomplishment for all the work done and ensures you will get compensated. On the other hand, creating, sending and managing invoices can be tedious and frustrating too.

That is the main reason many of the business owners are shifting towards the world of mobile invoicing and downloading the best android invoice app.

 Are you still confused about whether or not invoice app for android is right for you?

 Here are 10 benefits of mobile invoicing that may surprise you.

1. Receive Payments Lightening Fast.

Delayed invoices lead to delayed payments!

Thankfully, a mobile invoice app makes invoicing a hassle free process. It enables you to have ease of accessibility however and whenever you like and makes the entire process instantaneous.

 A well made android invoice app enables you to send automated invoices. This quick send pattern of invoices lets you influence your clients to pay quickly for the invoices. Researchers say that a quickly sent invoice persuades your clients to pay upto 3 times faster.

2. Cloud based Android Invoice app.

Still carrying paper docs with you?

Save your important client information on cloud with your best invoice app for android.

Losing on to client’s information such as phone number, address is a major loss. Imaging how cool it is to directly save client’s data into your software and access it even when you’re miles away.

An online invoice software like Invoicera offers an invoice app for android that enables you to easily access your account even when you’re miles away.


3. Saves you bombs of money.


Invoicing apps for android are a money saver!

It is eliminating the major costs of paper, ink, postage and other direct and indirect expenses involved.

Earlier, an employee had to manually file an invoice, but with advent of mobile invoicing you save a lot of money and efforts. The simplified process is automated and guided.


4. Standardized Invoice process.

One of the major pro attached with the use of an online invoice software is that it makes your entire process of invoicing standardised. Making it more professional, now you can send invoices in a set format and leave a professional remark with your clients.

This way you can set a uniform procedure for invoice generation, Invoice approval and revenues in a professional manner. This includes uniformity in your estimates, accounts payable, your receivables and even expense tracking.

5. Environment Friendly, Obviously!.


Digital friendly invoicing system is on an average 4 times more environmental friendly. You’re contributing a lot more to saving environment when shifting online. You’re essentially eliminating a huge carbon footprint from the environment. It even eliminates massive use of vehicles that is done to deliver those paper invoices.

6. Convenience of payments for your customers.

Previously, you only had the option to collect cash or wait in bank lines to deposit cheques. With mobile invoice app supported by Invoicera, you can accept payments via wide variety of payment options available online. You can accept payments via credit cards, debit cards, online transfer and available payment gateways. It is a much safer option and fraud-proof too.

7. Unburden your accounts department.

Complicated accounting procedures are a load to your accounting department. They suffer from it the entire day!

Android invoice app provide you a standardised invoicing process with custom made invoices for your business. It is ease to create, send and much more professional. You do not have to check each invoice, rather set a format and you’re good to go.

8. Zero Fees.

Invoicing apps for android do not charge any fees from customers. Rather a few invoicing software like Invoicera even provide you with 30% recurring commission with your ach paid referral.

9. Automation.

Remember those days when you had to suffer of late payments because you failed to timely send invoice as you were on family trips?

Don’t let the same mistake stop you twice. Create and schedule your invoices and the android invoice app will automatically send it to your clients on desired day.

It is easy, user-friendly and smart!

 10. Gather signatures and issue receipts Instantly.

With mobile invoicing it is easy to gather client’s signatures in real time with stylus or finger print even when they are miles away. This ensures they have received the invoice and they will process your payments soon.


This can work as a live proof for any miscommunications and the chances of conflicts in future will reduce to zero.

Learn more about real time Invoice Tracking with Invoicera here

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The Author Says:

Invoice apps for android brings your entire invoicing experience to your palm!

It makes your life easier, smooth and experience hassle free.

Hope the blog helps you clear the clouds and take wise decisions.