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How A Young And Dynamic Entrepreneur Is Changing The Ethical Hacking Trend?

He achieved awards like Guinness Book of world Records for Windows Black XP, Limca books of Records for the Overclocking PC, when he was awarded by Google and Facebook for finding bugs and vulnerabilities.

Saturday November 12, 2016,

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Manan Shah, aged 22 a young and dynamic entrepreneur, an internationally recognized Ethical Hacker, a Cyber crime consultant and investigator and a CEO and co-founder of Avalance Global Solutions Pvt ltd.

Manan developed the passion in Hacking and Cracking at a very tender age of 17 soon after he got his 1st computer which was gifted by his parents. After achieving awards like Guinness Book of world Records for Windows Black XP, Limca books of Records for the Overclocking PC, when he was awarded by Google and Facebook for finding bugs and vulnerabilities, Manan realized that there is lot more unsecured data in the digital space which is also become a serious concern when it’s about cyber security. That is when he decided to use his Ethical Hacking skills for constructive endeavors. So at the age of 20 he started Avalance Global Solutions pvt Ltd.

Avalance Global solutions pvt ltd. Is a complete cyber security solution provider that enables their clients to secure their web based resources. Avalance delivers digital transformation services from Ideation to execution enabling its clients to outperform the competition. It assures the clients by indentifying vulnerabilities in the digital space. Manan also organizes ethical hacking and web security seminars as well as workshops.

Manan heads a team of skilled cyber analysts and security experts whose average age group is not more than 30 years so he has complete team of youth who are innovative and creative. Manan says “ Some believe in numbers, some believe in technology but we at Avalance believe in the power of people and the impact it can have on technology”. He further adds “We believe that people with diverse view point could come together to build a successful technology company. He believes that utilizing the talent of his team he could make a better and a secure digital space for his clients.

Avalance has distributed the revenue in two verticals – Hacktek Training and Avalance Web Space Penetration Test. Avalance services are used by Ecommerce, Government organizations and many other companies who has a large customers base and are more likely to have vulnerable attacks.

Avalance has conducted more than 100 workshops, seminars and webinars which includes IIT, THC, NULLCOL, BLACKHAT etc. Hacktek a vertical of Avalance has provided training on cyber security, ethical hacking, website security to more than 5000 individuals. It’s clients consists of Solvay, Microsoft, Alstom, VMC, ICICI, Citi Bank, Bank of Baroda and PWC.

Avalance has a exceptional marketing strategy in which they provide a complete scan of the clients website for couple of days free of cost. The scan are of course performed after the official authorization letter from the organization. If there are no loops found there is no charge. However if they are able to successfully penetrate in the web space of the organization then they give them the required proofs and after this a vulnerability assessment penetration test report is generated which is chargeable. So the organization would have to pay only if there are bugs and loops found during the scan.

The unique mobile app, named Pulz has been developed to work with iPhone, all android phones and can be easily downloaded from the respective app stores.

The key features of Pulz App are its unique cloud based plug and play software and hardware enabling number of clients such as event management companies, retail malls, restaurants and hotels, hospitals and trade shows to offer mobile technology to their visitors without investing huge amount in manpower, software or hardware. Pulz App is a proximity marketing solution and communication tool to share with customers rich media, discount coupons, instant ratings and reviews, opinion polls etc and share it on social media such as facebook or twitter when the customers are in proximity. It bridges the gap between digital and physical space.

The data analytics engine has been designed keeping in view requirements of marketing department for developing targeted individualized, measurable and cost effective digital communication with the customers while they are in the proximity of point of transaction or purchase.

Avalance is committed to measure and provides digital assurance to leadership teams based on our global understanding and experience across all verticals. Avalance foresees a world where no one can take a disadvantage of others in the digital space. We want to achieve this by strengthening our clients web space and by spreading the awareness through workshops, seminars, webinars etc by providing required skills for a safe and secured digital space. Avalance slogan is “ We secure Digital”