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Top 3rd party android app stores!

In this post we are listing the top 3 free android app stores from where you can download the best android apps for free.

Sunday May 21, 2017,

4 min Read

When it comes to shopping we all prefer one-stop destinations and megastores as it is easy to get things which we want as well we desire the third -party app stores seems to be more comfortable than google play store. Because many applications sometimes do not match your android required criteria and consume a large space in your device's storage and take the time to download those heavy mbs and KBs.Yes, google play store is recommended to every android for downloading various applications for free. but some applications in google plays store are not free. but they may be available on 3rd party app store for android for free. Most of them are trustable and do not provide any harm to your device and do not take large spaces in your devices Many app stores feature a free app of the day, a discounted premium app, or some other money-saving offer, making discovering new and useful apps simple.

Let us explore the best 3rd party app stores.

1. 9Apps

9apps is one the best and most used 3rd party megastore for downloading application with well-described details. this one-stop global market of application lets you browse through various genres of applications from action to homemaking, to food to best games all at place.with well-categorized genres come well-designed interface which user-friendly and easy to use. someone new to the android services can easily access it.it contains some unique and large applications which may be paid on google play store but on 9apps global market it may be absolutely free It also enable us to download the .apk version of the file so we don’t have to download the app again and again if it is needed afterward. it takes care of the best recommendations for you and trending applications and is tagged as ' hot' trending applications which will be suitable for you. the application is so lite and small that, it does not consume a large room in your phone's memory and RAM. the best thing about this 3rd party global market is that you don't have to be eligible to fulfill the android requirement criteria. it also works on old android versions. The best thing about this application is that it daily updated it's hot and trending application list. You can get 9apps from  Here

2. Amazon App Store

Amazon is considered as one of the megastores for shopping products as well as its app store.Amazon app store is one of the best alternatives to google play store.it offers a much smaller group of application and games than the google play but you are getting the amazon guaranteed of threat free downloading of an application. the best thing about amazon play store is that you can test drive the app before you buy it. ye you can try the app. how does it work? does it suit your requirements? you liking the interface and any more criteria filling things and much more stuff. amazon app also notifies you about the top application and app of the day and also offer of the day. You can get this amazing experience from amazon.in

3. GetJar

GetJar is also one of the most used and preferred 3rd party app stores which let you browse through a good range of applications in the form apps which may not be available on google play store. the best thing about this megastore is that it is well organized into categories and sub-categories and comes with the user-friendly interface.before downloading your desired application you can read about the desired applications with reviews of its users and can finally match your own desired criteria . on the downside, you will be able to see recommendations of various applications according to your preferences. You can satisfy your categories from getjar.com