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The IT candies for classroom learning

Towards Quality Literacy For All

The IT candies for classroom learning

Friday July 14, 2017,

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The segment oriented with learning to learn has to be dwelled with encapsulation of making the right choice and the tool of learning within classrooms today. The teachers need to nurture themselves first before mentoring the children in particular. The paving of learning has had its new phase of learning with WWW being imparted and parked at the end of the school hours when children gather at length to generate learning on their own.

The independent knowledge base is a sound attribute to the quality learning paradigm which encompasses the learning to know, learning to achieve and learning to learn as a hobby rather than an earning for self but for future. The story replicates to the conjunction of making the possibility to make learning fun, joy and an experience for future tie ups of generation next. It is hard today to engage the kids in the classroom by the teachers of yester years who pace and page with the new generation by taste of teaching but sharing. For them turn to page 89 for knowledge is a bore way of imparting knowledge with pride and density. The taste of learning has to be substituted with the sharing of the information online with pretext to links and blogs of phases. Here lies the concept of Online Reputation as a priority of the masses who dwell with readymade notion to deliver the learning happen with pride and the consent of all at large.

The implications of knowledge of the yester years with preface of A for apple, B for boy and C for cat appear a junk to the masses who encapsulate the abstraction of A for Android, B for Blackberry and C for Cloud in sense to learning and paging the sharing of knowledge within classrooms of repute and recognition. The flipped classrooms as the new pace relates to monitor via fragmentation of the curated knowledge in a new bottle of testimony and nurtured taste of content being available online to master the majority. The visibility of the educational apps for their electronic gadgets in particular sanction the ready recknoner of the quality content with an updated information and updates. This monitors the pace of learning of the students too who are patented to updates of any order or choice.

The indispensable aspect of learning via technology is the in thing of desire and taste. Let us locate the best means to connect and upgrade the majority via means of technology as a pride!