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Inspiring Soul

Inspiring Soul

Saturday November 12, 2016,

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Meet Aarti Tiwari, a brave girl from Kanpur. She lost her mother at the age of twelve. After her mother, she looked after her younger sister as well as drunken father. She got married at the age of nineteen but to a guy whom she uses to know but never liked. After this disinclined marriage, she gone through severe home violence from her husband and in-law’s in the name of dowry. Meanwhile she got pregnant but condition of her life was being worst day by day. 


With wet eyes she shared “once he cuts her hair so that I can’t go out and meet people.It was most shocking to me. I have been in depression”. She was talking about her husband. Seeing all these, she decided for the divorce. She got divorce as well as a lovely cute daughter. One of her friends made her to take out of the depression and had been a great help to set up her life. She started her own boutique in the city. Many people advised her to start life again but she preferred to stay single, although she looked after her younger sister’s marriage with full responsibility. Now at the age of twenty eight, she is a single mother and carries a lot of experiences. When asked why she preferred to stay single, her answer was inspiring. “Happiness should be everyone’s right. I want to make happy to all those women who have gone or going through these type situations in her life”. She wants to expand her project so she can extend help to all the needy.