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3 Splendid Hotels You Can Book for a Luxurious Stay in Hong Kong

3 Splendid Hotels You Can Book for a Luxurious Stay in Hong Kong

Monday January 21, 2019,

4 min Read

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There is no denying that Hong Kong is an excellent tourism destination which receives millions of people every year who come to visit and explore the iconic sites of the city. It is indeed a memorable place that any traveller would not forget even after visiting the place for once. In fact, most would find hard to stop themselves from visiting the place again.

But note every trip is the same experience and certainly not a pleasurable one if do not get the right accommodation. The whole tour which was supposed to be an ideal reprieve and rejuvenation for your mind could turn drastically poor and disgustful. So it is always better to ensure that you plan your trip with all the essential preparations done well ahead of the time you board the flight. For a matter of fact, a better plan would not retain the element of pleasure in the trip but also save much of your expenditure as well. You can start saving with the Cheaptickets Promo Code for your flight tickets to save on your booking amount. For accommodations, here are 3 splendid premium boutiques to enjoy a luxurious stay in Hong Kong.

JW Marriott Hong Kong

This hotel is one of the many hotels of the chain of JW Marriot which are located in different parts of the world. This hotel is located in very ideal site considering the fact that all the major attractions are very nearby and anyone would hardly need more than a few minutes’ walk to reach those attractions. Being a premium chain of hotels, you can rest assured of quality and services provided in this hotel and get all the luxury amenities at your disposal. The rooms of this hotel are extraordinarily large and the large glass panes on the side offer a very vibrant view of the cityscape of this beautiful place. The sight of Victoria Harbour and the view of the Peak in the background make the view even more stunning. The hotel has an exclusive access to the Pacific Mall while also offers a very great bar to have a drink or two along with your group. You can easily book the rooms of this iconic hotel with the Hotels.com Promo Code and avail the lowest booking prices online.

The Pottinger Hong Kong

This hotel is located on the distinct locales of the historic slab street along the steeper pavements. This hotel has very lively surroundings thanks to its location that encompasses the centre of the financial hub of the city. This hotel has a very artistic feel to it owing to its very unique art pieces and the architectural decorations done on the wall. This makes it probably one of the best artistic interiors you could ever come across. The hotel uses the traditional aspects of the local art and designing which is exhibited in every room of this hotel giving it an exceptional look from within. There are clever uses of the western arts too that amalgamate seamlessly for a very enigmatic and unique accommodation. And for a matter of fact, the services and the facilities of the hotel are no lesser than its artistic interior decorations.

Le Méridien Hong Kong

This hotel is an alternative luxury retreat which keeps you in an aisle from the busy street markets and the crowd noises of the surroundings as if you are on some other land altogether. The hotel has an exquisite feel that would certainly make you fall in love with the place itself. This entirely different and peaceful atmosphere within the hotel premises must not confuse though, as you would be right at the heart of the Hong Kong Island from where you can reach any place within a few minutes. The interiors of the hotel have beautifully culminated the essence of the greenery to give a very surreal and relaxed feel to any guest staying in it. The best part about this hotel is the fact that you have direct access to the CyberPort Waterfront Park right next to the gates of the hotel which essentially means you could afford to spend a lot of fun time playing in it. This hotel has located at a proximity to all the major tourism attractions on the Hong Kong Island such as the Ocean’s Park, the Jumbo Kingdom, Mount Davis, and the Central etc.