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Thursday March 14, 2019,

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Time Managemant
Time is a created thing. To say 'I don't have time,' is like saying, 'I don't want to. 
― Lao Tzu

We deal with time every second and managing it is like taming a raging bull. We create wonderful goals, things we plan to do but how many of us are actually able to stick throughout to achieve those goals.

I had the same problem. I created goals, I wrote them and then I went nowhere.

Then one day I asked myself that what is it that is stopping me from getting what I want?

And I realized few things;

First - I needed to do something that is not similar to what I was doing till today. Take another path to reach the same goal, because I was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. By the way that is also the definition of insanity.


Second - I need to understand the meaning of priority. When the term "Priority' was invented, it had a specific meaning, It was a singular thing but over time, the term changed its definition. From priority, it became priorities. So instead of that singular thing that I wanted to accomplish, now I have nine or ten things that are on my plate and I had to divide my attention on all of those simultaneously. And when you care about ten different things, you actually care about nothing. You accomplish nothing.

Third - Fear is of two kinds - Good Fear and Bad Fear. Most of our fears fall in the second category which impact us negatively but on the other hand good fear is good for you. The good fear is the one that you have right before your get the question paper in the exam even if you done your preparation to the maximum. Good fear is the one that makes you check the last page of your question paper just to make sure that you are not leaving any question while you still have time. So, all I need to make sure that I always have good fear in me to improve me as a writer.

I'm a writer and in my short writing career I have written 11 books, but to write these 11 books I took 10 years. And this year, my goal is to write 7-8 books.

So, here is the math for you;

From 2009 to 2018,

11 books, 10 years = 330 days for 1 book

In 2019,

7 books, 1 year = 51 days for a book

I'm writing a book in 1/6.5 of the time I used to require earlier. To put things in context, I am not a full time writer, I also has a full time day job so managing time is critical for my survival.

How am I going to do that?

The answer is - by taking back my time in 3 ways.

Number 1. Saying no to things that do not add value to my writing.

No to social media, No to various TV Shows. No to everything that deviate me from my goals.

Number 2. Creating micro goals that take me to my larger goal of 7 books.

One example is - Writing 2000 words per day.

Another is: Listening to the podcasts/interviews of successful authors are successful, published good content and then analyze what strategies of theirs, I can use.

Number 3. Taking help.

No one can do it alone. I have decided to take help in editing, cover designing and marketing. Spending money on these three things is bound to give me back a lot more in return. The reason is that I'm not writing for myself and the people whom I'm writing for deserves better than just going through my half baked efforts.

These are my 3 ways, what are yours to take back your time?

Who Am I?

My name is Chase Austin and I'm an Author. My new book series - Sam Wick Rapid Thrillers - is launching in May, 2019.

Head out to my website by clicking the button below to learn more about this series and get a free copy of my short story - Wicked Storm.

Sam Wick Rapid Thriller Series

Sam Wick Rapid Thrillers

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