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4 Ways to Increase the Sales with Cold Calling

4 Ways to Increase the Sales with Cold Calling

Friday November 23, 2018,

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To debunk the myth, cold calling is not dead. As a matter of fact, many successful businesses use a cold calling strategy to increase their revenue. They also use cold calling to increase their engagement rate with their prospects.

Cold calling might sound easier said than done. It can be frustrating when prospects don’t convert into sales. But don’t worry. Here are some of the most impactful cold calling tips and tricks to increase your sales with cold calling.

1. Always Focus on the Potential Customer

You are not calling your prospect to talk about yourself. They are not interested in learning about you or your background. They are simply interested in what’s in store for them.

So, start the conversation by explaining to them the offer and how it can solve their problems. Your cold call needs to address their pain points. This is the only way to get their attention and get them to listen to your pitch about your problem-solving services or products.

2. Be Organized

You don’t want to be in an embarrassing situation in which you forgot what to say next. So, it’s always advisable to organize your thoughts and take notes when needed. Otherwise, you might lose out on some potential customers and it will affect your conversion rates.

When you are organized, it helps you to answer questions and speak to your lead in a much more effective way. But make sure to systematically organize your thoughts because you don’t want to mess up with follow-up questions.

3. Best Time to Call

For effective results, it’s best to keep track of your calls including call time and call duration. This will help you to improve your performance. The data can give you some insights into very important things.

This will help you determine the best times to call your prospects or the times when your conversions are the highest. So it’s important to maintain a record of each and every call and analyze it to get some valuable insights.

4. Ask for the Right Time to Call

You may have faced situations in which you made a cold call and got a response that the prospect was busy. That doesn’t necessarily need to be the end of the call. You need to just ask them when would be a better time to call back. To your surprise, you may get some fruitful answers.

For more information on ways to increase sales with cold calling, check out the infographic below.

Image Courtesy: Salesmate.io