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#MoreToMe - The harbringer of life

The #MoreToMe is a startup story of a mother emerging into a venture for creative writing.

#MoreToMe - The harbringer of life

Friday February 16, 2018,

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Mom is just a word, but this one word resonates in my ear for which every woman desires a tag to be associated with. When God created mankind, he chose women as the creators of life. We, women, are blessed with the power of making a new ‘you’ within you. We are the nurtures of life.


The journey of being a single mother has been the most challenging and enchanting one in my life. It created a bundle of joy whom I cherish everyday. While God empowered us to be Moms’, I’d rather say its my little munchkin who has made me a ‘MOM’. The nourishment it brought in my persona for the past 13 years is impeccable. My potential came into being and soon I discovered the real Me. I felt enriched.

The single motherhood sojourn taught me to introspect within. My mind ran on an ‘explore me’ track. Soon I landed on a plain of wonderful ‘Me discoveries’. Today I am a tall and a passionate person in life. My patience to withstand odds is far more to an incremental boost. The single motherhood factor made me courageous in nature. Challenges melted with optimum solutions. By profession I am a Creative Artist. I architect and design educational study-material for children in schools. My motherhood experience has taken me ahead, leaps and bounds in my professional life. Juggling work-life with mommyhood has been tough, but striking the right balance has been restored.

I am too much of a wanderer at heart. The adrenalin gush inside me compels me, “Lets do more”. The mom inside me has finally given birth to my writing instincts. The indoor diary of my closet now takes a roll out into the creative writing for offline and online mediums. Its a form of contemporary expression on the daily tastes of life. The zing wheel to my writing is to hook my reader and relook within for a deeper connect. I aspire my silent voice to reach the masses for some great revolutionary changes. As rightly said, ideas and the right words are behind every great search. Its the truest form of our currency. Moving ahead with this thought my effort lies in instilling the reader mind with a thought provoking feed.

I’d say the #MoreToMe in me is my being a mom. It taught me a feeling to be re-born again with an instinct of a creative writer. With every days' dawn, I raise the bar in me every day. The today's woman in me is a self-entrepreneur in her own journey.