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ZipRide is the first ever autorickshaw pooling service, operational in Gurgaon. It aims to make daily travel more convenient, comfortable and cost effective. One can save upto 40% of the daily travel cost and still enjoy the rides of luxuriously customized autorickshaws.


Thursday June 09, 2016,

2 min Read

Auto-rickshaws are one of the most commonly used transportation system for daily travel, being comparatively reasonable as compared to any other transportation system. Frequent commuters opt for auto-rickshaws, as they are easily available roaming on the roads. But to finalize one of them is a big hassle. Negotiation is something you must be good at. Also, in case you are really in a rush, you will haveto loose extra bucks for them from your wallet. 

ZipRide has taken this initiative to make you free from all this hassles, of daily look up for your ride and negotiations to save your hard earned money.

ZipRide can be summarized as "Scheduled Autorickshaw Pooling service". ZipRide is based on the concept of adding comfort to the customer's daily travel, along with making it more cost effective. Using ZipRide, there is no need to book your ride daily. Just book it once, and ZipRide will take care of the rest. Also, you can save up to 40% on your daily travel cost. ZipRide pools you with other riders, traveling over the same route, thus making you share the cost. Keeping the comfort in mind, we pool you with the same gender, so you can have chit-chat and who knows you get your another best friend in the ride itself.

Along with making the service cost effective, ZipRide also provides you with additional services on the ride itself. Auto-rickshaws are customized with Magazines, Snacks to munch on, facial wipes etc, to make your travel more comfortable and interesting.

Chirag Sahni, Founder at ZipRide, says, when we are living in an era where technology is in the DNA, why not automate our daily travel too. Why to waste our precious time booking our autorickshaws daily, and then keep worrying, if the ride will reach on time, how much it will cost, with whom will you be pooling etc etc. We, at ZipRide, bring ease and comfort at your doorstep. Become a ZipRider and feel the change.

Android users can now download our App from Playstore, ZipRide, and start making their travel hassle free and more convenient.