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Behind Every Entrepreneurial Journey

Behind Every Entrepreneurial Journey

Wednesday October 11, 2017,

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Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, this is true but in actual words they don’t know the hard work behind building a successful business.

Entrepreneurship is so hard , if you want to start a business and thinking you will become rich one day, than you are wrong, entrepreneurs are born to do hard things, scary things that people cannot do or unable to do they put-up that much efforts, that’s called entrepreneurship .


Many young college graduates jumped into entrepreneurial world to make Millions , but they forget that they need to grind themselves for years to become successful , Because nobody born as an entrepreneur they learn skills , they works so hard to learn and they grind themselves for years , even if it takes 10 to 15 years . you will learn new things ,skills , may be you can lose money or time, but I am Damn Sure You will learn some things that others don’t know and specially if you had entrepreneurial mindset and always motivated you do things that looks ordinary but you put all your efforts to make it special that generates revenues called entrepreneurship .

Behind every entrepreneurial journey there is up side & down side , when you see those entrepreneurs who had every things luxury from cars to houses ,yacht & everything, but many of them forget hard work behind that journey .

You will feel alone , you will rejected from all over places where you visit to sell or you visit to make clients, the most of people never understand the power of hard work .

As Bill Gates Said in an Interview ‘ He Never takes a day OFF From 5 Years after starting Microsoft .

I am not saying you will never reach to millions of transactions, you will get there but you need to put all your efforts into work and you need to have patience for years.

If Business Would Settled in a years than Amazon would not be there , Jeff Bezos first started selling Books for years , he has deep interest in reading , but after getting deep into it , he finds huge opportunity and now amazon is world leading e-commerce site

You need to make a mind-set of not Giving-up . This is the most important world in entrepreneurship .

You Have to work for 7 to 10 years on any business you are working , As I Mention already Entrepreneurial Journey is long journey you cannot be Successful in a years . you need to learn the skills to get there , you need to learn everything whatever it requires to be an Successful Entrepreneur .


Entrepreneurial is not a short term journey, Behind every successful entrepreneurs there is so much hard work , passion , sacrifice of years .