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Top 10 Cheap Indian Press Release Distribution Services [Updated]

Top 10 Cheap Indian Press Release Distribution Services [Updated]

Thursday August 03, 2017,

10 min Read

A press release distribution service is indeed one of the best marketing tools the PR industry has to offer. It allows you to send your press release to a large number of online news publications, trade journals, business magazines, journalists, media outlets, bloggers, and target audience. For a low cost it can help you gain brand recognition, build credibility on the marketplace, and reach larger audiences. In fact, most companies, both big and small issue a new press release on a weekly or monthly basis to stay in the news.

Choosing the right low cost press release distribution service in India can have a significant impact in the success of your PR distribution campaign. Hence, in this article we are sharing with you a list of most reputable Indian press release distribution services that have a proven track record and can deliver best bang for your buck.


PR India Wire is a no-nonsense, true press release distribution company in India that does not mix SEO, linkbuilding and social media marketing with PR distribution. It does what any genuine press release distribution company or agency is supposed to do, i.e. distribute your press release to media houses, journalists, online news sites, business journals, digital newspapers and bloggers. Over the past few years, we have worked with dozens of press release distribution agencies in India, but was the only firm that managed to deliver maximum number of press release pickups for lowest price possible.

For just $89, they guarantee pickups in approximately 300+ online news sites (Indian + Global). What we really liked about PR India Wire was their local reach in India (Kashmir to Kanyakumari, and Gujarat to Arunachal Pradesh). With each distribution your press release is also published in around 100 local and regional Indian news websites, covering major cities and states in India. Their site is quite easy to navigate and they have clearly mentioned pricing with features and guaranteed number of pickups.

One great feature of their service is that they accept 1 picture with press release, and do not impose any word limit to your press release. However, if you have more than one picture, then additional fee is applicable.

2.      Help a Reporter Out


Help A Reporter Out (HARO) is a website that connects reporters and industry experts. The reporters search for information on specific topics that they request. The experts that are called sources on the website send responses, if they are interested in a specific topic. Then, the journalist chooses the one source that he prefers. The source gains exposure with links back to the original article that can be a website or a blog. Every subscriber gets emails three times a day with requests from reporters. Many of them work with big online publications that would mean a lot of exposure and SEO value. It's a win-win situation because the reporter can find more information, and the experts get valuable backlinks and traffic that is the goal of a press release strategy.

HARO is a free platform, but there are paid memberships for those who need additional features. If you upgrade, you can create a profile on the website, choose keywords for alerts, access to online requests search. However, it's fine to start for free and use the platform as a source. Later, you can decide if you want the extra features. These features are relevant to your activity on the site and don't affect the available requests or your chances to get a positive reply.

However, your success with HARO will depend on your ability to find requests in your industry and write compelling responses. It takes three simple steps to get started. You must create an account, review the requests, and choose the ones you will respond to. You can mention your name, job, company, experience, or any other details you want when you contact the journalists.

3.      PRWeb


PRWeb is a press release distributions service that helps businesses improve their digital word-of-mouth marketing. It shares the press releases or your story to thousands of blogs and websites across the internet. It can work both for internet-based businesses that want to get more exposure and local businesses as a quick way of advertising. In older days when there were hardly any Indian PR distribution companies around, PRWeb was the only cheap alternative for Indian marketers.

PRWeb has three packages that you can use to reach your target audience, and each package includes relevant services. The cheaper package costs $99 per release and improves your visibility on search engines. When you get more expensive packages, you can drive traffic to your website from other sites, emails, and social media. The most expensive package that includes all the above costs $389 per release. You can definitely use these services to grow your social media following or drive traffic on a website.

PRWeb works in three simple steps. First, you create a press release with the tools of the site. It allows you to add images, videos, and hyperlinks to engage with your target audience. There is no limit on the length of the article. The last two steps have to do with distribution and tracking. You can track your visibility, traffic, engagement, and performance on search engines, so you know how your releases perform, and it's possible to estimate their ROI. Knowing what works will allow you to create more profitable campaigns in the future.

4.      EasyPressWire


It is a straightforward website with a few options that you can use to publish press releases. When you visit the homepage, you can see different press releases from other Indian companies. Then, it gives you the option to create a free account or choose a paid plan. If you create a free account that could be a good way to get started, you can submit your press release on the website and publish it next to the other press releases. You just need to fill in some basic contact details and submit your news release with an image. The website has some traffic, so there is some exposure. Also, you can add a link to your website or any other page you want that is relevant to the topic.

Next, there are two paid options that cost $40 and $65. As you can understand, the second option is more expensive because it has more value. It distributes the press releases in 45+ websites instead of 25+ websites, includes posting on social media, allows your images or videos, and more. Both options include SEO optimization, a logo, and are both in Hindi and English.

5.      Press Release Point


Press Release Point is another Indian press release distribution service that publishes press releases and includes a distribution service if you choose the relevant option. The structure can be confusing because there are multiple options and services on the menu. Also, it has many categories and navigation menus with press releases.

However, you can check the press releases on the homepage. The news releases can give you an example of what you can expect. It allows you to add enough content, images, and links. The second option of the main menu shows you to submit a press release. Once you click it, you can get more details about the pricing and how it works.

The pricing structure is quite interesting. You can start at $10 if you want to publish only one press release on Press Release Point. But it gives you additional options. You can submit the press release to 40 additional free sites for an extra $5. Then, there are two extra packages for guaranteed views that cost $7.50 and $25. Lastly, it has packages of many press releases with discounts. These packages are recommended for startups and agencies.

6.      Brainpulse Technologies


Brainpulse Technologies offer many digital marketing services for Indian customers. The press release distribution service that they offer is just one of the services they offer. While most of the other distribution services on this list focus entirely on press releases, Braipulse Technologies includes website hosting, content marketing services, web development, and more.

Brainpulse Technology optimizes the press releases based on keywords. They focus on the SEO benefits of a press release and include geo-targeting that can help small businesses with local SEO. If you want to get more exposure, they guarantee that the press release will reach all the industry leaders. The website does not include specific pricing for distribution services, but there is a phone number that you can call for more information.

7.      India-Press-Release


It is a distribution service for online and print press releases. The user can choose both options for bigger exposure. The site mentions the SEO benefits of press releases and has a guideline that the users can follow for better results. The press releases will be published on different types of sites like digital newspapers, industry bloggers, and online communities.

You can easily submit a press release. There is an option on the main menu of the site. It shows you a page that you can write and edit your content. You can add images, a link, and contact details. You can also publish your press release as featured on the homepage for more exposure.

India-Press-Release is not a free website, but it doesn't have a page pricing page. If you want one of their services, you can contact them with email and wait to get a quote.

8.      Newswire Online


It is an Indian only press release website. The homepage and structure look like a news site with many categories. You can send press releases for business, sports, cinema, events, startups, and anything relevant to entertainment.

It costs Rs. 500.00 to publish your press release. It's a quite low price that gives you exposure and a valuable backlink. However, you publish the press releases only on Newswire Online. The website does not include a page that you can write a press release, but they request a file that includes the content. So, you can create your press release on PDF or another file before you upload it.

9.      Conceptualise


Another affordable India PR distribution company in our list is Conceptualise. Although, it’s a digital marketing agency, it provides press release distribution services too.  For just $125 you can distribute your text only press release through them. However, if you have multimedia, then it’s going to cost you $200. Regarding number of pickups, it depends upon how good your press release is. If you have an average piece of content, it may get published in 30+ platforms. However, if you have good, newsworthy press release content, then it may get published in 100+ platforms.

10.      PR 24x7


PR 24x7 is another PR agency in India that provides low cost PR distribution services. With PR 24x7, businesses can reach internet audience through social media portals, blogs, news sites and magazines. For Rs 15000 they distribute your text only press release and ensure placement in 50+ portals. However, with image, the price is Rs 20,000.

Final Words

These were the cheapest press release distribution services in India. Every PR distribution company included in our list is the result of extensive scrutiny and research. We hope that our list will help you make the right decision in choosing the best India PR distribution service that fits your budget. The best option depends on your goals, features, target audience and budget.