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Planning to buy paintings online? Don’t do this.

Planning to buy paintings online? Don’t do this.

Wednesday February 14, 2018,

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Paintings are considered as the most integral part of home decoration. They can be gifted on any celebration. That is why many individuals like you develop a passion for art collecting which transcends into an art collection. However, in today’s time, most of the individuals are doing some job or focusing on growing their own startup. Due to this, most of their weekdays are spent in commuting and working incessantly. Weekends are the only time they get for refreshing and charging themselves up for the coming week.

In the context of art lovers, weekends are also the time which they have for hunting the sort of paintings they want. While some of them would not mind spending yet another day hovering around, some would just want to stay in their houses sipping coffee and binging on Netflix. Well! If you are one of such art enthusiasts, you should buy paintings online.

Nevertheless, it won’t come as a surprise, if you already have had bought a few paintings online. Even though buying paintings from an online art gallery is a good idea, there are certain don’ts. Mentioned below are three of them. Take a look.


Don’t get lured by the price- Ever heard that cheap materials are always low on quality. Though not every low-priced painting would not necessarily be low in quality, there is always a possibility. So, whilst you buy paintings online, be very careful. Not every painting would be authentic and even if it would be, it might not be worth buying. Also, don’t get swayed away by the price so that you end up buying the painting even if it is not matching with the theme of your art collection or your own taste in art.

Don’t compromise on the authenticity- Always check if the painting is original? Is it actually what it is been mentioned as on the website. See if the painting is an original work of art or a print of the same. Moreover, you should also see if the online art gallery you are browsing paintings at, is authentic. Read the reviews and search on the internet regarding the top galleries. Check the export licenses if it’s an international work.

Don’t buy uninsured paintings- Not just when it comes to paintings but remember to check the insurance documents whenever you buy a luxury item. Look at the options. If the painting is not already insured, ask the seller to get it done. Always get the art insured for its replacement value.

Besides, the aforementioned points, it is mandated to not to neglect the painting after the purchase. If you want to keep it looking like new, keep it away from moisture and maintain it well.

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