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Y-HLTH Innovations - Complete Health Care App

View Your Medical History, medications and Immunizations and lot more!

Tuesday November 15, 2016,

4 min Read

Y-HLTH is a unified health care app that facilitates communication with the doctor and the patient. Y-HLTH is a community that has been started with the intention of changing the lives of people by making healthcare access easier and hassle free. We are the one and only top-most cloud-based digital health records company in India. Here we endeavor to provide a free, web-based EHR system, and you can even keep a track of your menstrual cycle and mood. Y-HLTH helps enhance your health free of cost.

Y-HLTH app is loaded with many features, and it’s free, the major functionality of the application is:

Electronic Health Records – maintaining, tracking, carrying, and accessing medical records is not easy, but with the Y-HLTH app it is easier. This feature lets you store up to 100 medical files in PNG, JPEG, and PDF format and also you can share the files with the doctors. How the EHR works?

Download the Y-HLTH app on your phone.

•Register and become a verified user.

•Take a picture of your medical documents and upload on the Y-HLTH app. All the documents are saved in sequential order for easy reference.

•Access your medical records, anytime, anywhere and also, give your doctors secured access to your medical history from anywhere, anytime.

•Security of your medical records is our major focus that's why we use the top end encryption keys.

Mood Tracker - it is designed so that the patients follow their emotional mood or how the patient feels on a daily basis. The aim is that the doctor will have a realistic picture of the psychological state of the mood on the basis of weekly and monthly reports. The user can answer the question: how do you feel today? On this basis, a bar graph will be obtained which displays mood.

Female Health – a health app for tracking menstrual cycles will help all women to have orderly and up to date record of their monthly periods. This easy to navigate utility feature helps you keep a check on irregular periods and ovulation cycle. It makes it easier to map your time of ovulation if you are trying to conceive or avoid pregnancy.

Donate Unused Medications – extend a helping hand by donating unused medicines to the less fortunate. All you have to do is enter the medicines you wish to donate and time when you will be available at your home. The Y-HLTH app takes care of all the logistics and keeps the records. The medicines are distributed to patients who cannot afford them or hospitals where medication are necessary.

Donate Blood – Y-HLTH app is loaded with a feature that empowers you to donate blood. It connects you to the blood bank in your area. Whenever the blood banks have a requirement you will get a notification which makes it easier for you to help those in need. Your contribution can make a lot of difference. So go ahead and gift someone a life.

My Doctors – Y-HLTH app is a unified medical platform connecting doctors and patients. The patients are given the opportunity to choose a doctor from the internal database or send a request to your doctor and add him to the database. Y-HLTH lets you easily choose the best doctor and book an appointment instantly without any hassle.

Doctor’s Corner – Y-HLTH offers an online tool for the busy doctors as well. Mark your online presence by joining us in our journey to deliver hassle-free healthcare to the common man and help them lead a healthier life.

Daily health care tips are now just a click away. Register now and get regular updates for a better health.

Y-HLTH - a complete health app - to book doctor appointments, manage digital health records, track menstrual cycle and mood, create awareness to donate medicines and blood and read health tips!