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How animated explainer video can boost your online marketing

How animated explainer video can boost your online marketing

Wednesday August 08, 2018,

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Whether you are a startup, small-scale business or a large scale business, you can’t ignore the importance of online marketing. When you start promoting your business you first focus on basic stuff like improving Google ranking or setting up on social media. But soon you will realize that you need to find innovative ways to engage your audience.

Here animated explainer video plays a powerful role and becomes a spokesperson for your brand. Big companies like Google to local businesses are using animated explainer videos to showcase or introduce their product and services.

It enables a memorable impact on viewers and makes the storytelling enjoyable, the reach and results are also measurable on every digital platform.

Mentioned below are the 4 major benefits of explainer video in online marketing:

1. Increases potential customer: Animated explainer video clearly explains and provide details about your product or service in a short span of time. Explainer videos not only make your services understand easier and enjoyable but also make your services memorable and build trust in the audience.

2. Improves conversion rates: 85% of your visitors on a website or landing page are more likely to purchase your product after seeing animated explainer video. An explainer video can increase the time span of visitor visits on your website or landing page.

3. Boosts SEO: Explainer videos improve SEO results significantly, video-based websites and landing pages are 53 times more likely than images or text. A search engine like Google loves video content, and by uploading your explainer videos or online platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo, you can reach to top pages and ranking on any search engine.

4. Improves e-mail marketing: Adding short animated explainer video make your email more interesting and eye-catchy. Including a video in email will make the viewer more excited to know about your services and can convert it into a potential client.

Today videos on digital platforms are engaging 90% of internet traffic. And most of the companies are producing animated explainer videos for their websites and social media to attain the attention of their potential consumers. Also, these videos aren’t limited to display on digital platforms it is a great display tool for trade shows, expos, and other client meeting presentations. To know more about explainer videos for your marketing needs get in touch with Kraving Studio– Animated explainer video production company.