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Video presentations: New marketing tool for the changing trends

Video presentations: New marketing tool for the changing trends

Sunday September 11, 2016,

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Since the advent of motion pictures, be it silent or voiced, the society has been fascinated by them. Today, as the screens get smaller and smaller, with the introduction of online videos, accessible internet, smartphones and tablets, marketers soon realized that they could encash the situation at hand for their own benefit, with the help of Ad Film Makers. Using videos to tell their story and building their brand. So if you’re into marketing or have a start-up of your own and want to be up-to-speed with the changing marketing trends of the world, you might want to go through a few, among many, benefits of a video presentation.

A video presentation could benefit an institution or a company in various ways.

1. Videos can be used as effective Marketing tool and can be presented in TVchannels/Website/ Trade shows/Sales meetings etc. A video, not necessarily a TVC, would be an excellent marketing tool to show the world what you’re all about.


2. Easy to attract new customers. Many surveys suggest that most of the International business concerns use powerful video presentations as the chief medium to attract prospective customers and investors. Institutions can use a video of their own to show off their infrastructure and the contribution they are making for the society, such as CSR activities.


3. Video is the only way to show your infrastructure facilities to the outside world in a graphic and effective manner. A person, thousands of miles away, might not be able to come in person to see the infrastructure you have. A person looking for a Hospital in any part of the Country won’t find a proof of facilities online. A corporate video or a video presentation would come in handy in this regard. Consult a corporate video maker in Bengaluru today, to get your company a well deserved and well shot corporate video.


4. Create brand awareness about your institutions and companies amongst your prospects. Build your brand!

5. Video allows you to convey your message swiftly and effectively, while holding your viewers' interest. Only few minutes is what you will need to communicate what you want to, with their un-divided attention. A video presentation, with its effective attractive qualities will help you achieve what you wish for.

6. People will watch your sales video, because it is a unique presentation, you can expect nearly 100% viewership. Sales personnel might not be at the top of his/her game all the time, throughout the day. A video does 70% of your sales person’s work, with pictures, music and exciting special effects, and increases probability of potential closure of sales. Corporate video production has become a business of its own in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai and Chennai, with not many production houses producing works with quality of movies.


7. People can watch video at their own place, wherever and whenever they want, including at home. Smart phones and applications like WhatsApp and Facebook will help you convey your message with ease. Ad film makers will ease your job by creating a unique visual presentation for your concern, that you can share with your prospects.

8. One of visual media's major advantage is its ability to give a great deal of information in a short amount of time. Isn’t that everyone is looking into, these days? Are we sure our carpet bombing mails are being read? Videos ensure your messages are conveyed.


9. Video saves travel costs. How? Companies can send video links to the prospects with a minimal cost. Post your video on your facebook page, get people to share among their friends' list or get your viral video to travel through messenger apps!

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