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5 reasons you should invest in a fixed deposit

Investing is the best way to multiply your savings. Amongst multiple ways of savings, fixed deposit is the best one. There are many reasons why you should invest in a fixed deposit. Read in this article, some more reasons to invest in FD.

5 reasons you should invest in a fixed deposit

Thursday September 21, 2017,

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You should always keep savings on the first priority rather than the spending. Saving is much needed at the time of emergency. It can come to your help in the worst situation or any accident that may happen any time, in your life. Investing your income in the best scheme always results in the best savings. From multiple means of investment schemes, fixed deposit is most secure and considerable.

Here are 5 reasons why you should have an FD account:

Offers the safe (risk-free) investment

Fixed deposit is one of the most popular and risk-free investments. It is not like the other investment instruments which are market driven. There is no risk associated which means that you can withdraw your money any time you desire. Otherwise you will get an assured amount on the date of maturity.

Guaranteed good returns

However the return may be different for various invested amounts, an FD return is often higher than the same offered by a savings account. Nevertheless, investing in an FD means getting the guaranteed returns that are also great in value! You can consider one thing at this point that as far as possible, you should never break the fixed deposit in between as the premature withdrawal can affect your returns.

Rate of interest at its best!

Compared to any saving deposit schemes, fixed deposit comes with higher FD interest rates. For any co-operative society, bank or any other financial institute; you will find FD interest rates higher than that of the savings bank account.


With a fixed deposit, there is a flexibility of investment period. This means that you can fix your savings for the period of your choice. This ranges from very small tenure of 7 days to large tenure of 10 years. Every co-operative society and bank has their own tenure criteria for fixed deposits. You have to choose the appropriate period so that you don’t need to go for premature withdrawals.

Emergency saviour

An FD can come to great help, especially in an urgent need of money. There are many financial organizations that also offer a facility in which you can also avail a loan against your FD. Most of the banks and co-operative societies give loans for 60-90% of your deposits.

All these perks prove that you must have a fixed deposit account. So go open an account today and make your savings, locked for a particular period!