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Progressive web apps are the future of native apps

Gartner research predicts that by 2019, 20 percent of businesses will abandon their mobile apps.

Progressive web apps are the future of native apps

Wednesday November 08, 2017,

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Are you a startup in the process of developing  Android or iOS App for your business in 2017? 


You may not want to hear the doomsday scenario but it is true what you may have already heard. Native Apps are quietly dying and fast. Less than 1 in 10,000 apps are profitable according to Gartner statistics although it seems businesses are yet to accept and adopt the change. 

In a progressive world, we need something that is combining the best of the web and the best of apps - conveniently Google likes to name it The Progressive Web App or PWA for short.

So what exactly is Progressive Web App?

Basically, we are looking at a Web App that will look and feel like a native Andriod or iOS app that you have it already on your phone but instead, it will be accessed through your browser, very much like a responsive website with added functionalities like Push-Notifications and navigation as on a native app.

Why Choose PWA?

As a business, to keep your digital presence strong you need to offer something that stands out from the rest in order to make an impression. 

1. Speed and ReliabilityPWAs are much quicker with better conversion rates than native apps and users don't need to download or update the app which is how apps should have been from the beginning. So it is likely that we are reaching the end of Google Play Store and App Store as we know it.

53% of users will abandon a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load according to Google 

2. Notifications:  Keep your customers updated with the push notifications just like on a native app. Have Apps on your home screen for easy access

 3. Cost:  Let us address the elephant in the room that is the cost of development. Native Apps are expensive and time-consuming for big established companies, let alone startups. This is where PWAs win by far, they are less expensive to develop and less time consuming when compared to native app development costs.

Gartner research predicts that by 2019, 20 percent of businesses will abandon their mobile apps.

So to go back where we started, if you are a startup in the process of developing native Andoid or iOS app, it may not be a good investment now as the future is Progressive Web App and it will become the standard for the next generation of web and mobile users.