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Monday November 14, 2016,

3 min Read

Virtual reality is the tomorrow, that we futuristic idealists have been waiting for. VR has been rightly described as 'dreaming with your eyes open'. With VR in the market it is finally possible to recreate and experience stuff that your dreams are made of. Exciting, immersive jaw dropping experiences are created through the use of advanced hardware and software. These environmental stimulations can be something out of real life or something completely made up, like in a game or a cartoon and could also be manifested in any form, 2D, 3D etc.This is great news for gamers worldwide as they have been waiting, for the next big thing to come along and change gaming as they know it.

Interestingly, Virtual reality has taken off from the gameboard to other serious functions, as it is slowly being incorporated into education, health, medicine, film, science, sports etc. Pioneers in VR are constantly looking for new ways to conquer the market, innovative creations are taking the underground market by a storm.

Capitalising on this wave of a novelty, VR technology does not lag behind. Big players in the market have launched devices that support VR. Oculus rift leads the market at this point offering users a variety of amenities. Closely followed by HTC Vive and Samsung Gear. Sony offers its users the experience with its Playstation VR , while Google does the same with Google Daydream.

Sci-fi movies over the years have delivered futuristic virtual reality scenarios. The Matrix has given the world a lasting idea of how virtual reality works. The X-men ‘danger room’ employed VR to an advanced fashion which let them practice for real world battles.

Virtual reality is here to stay. Even before we know it, popular activities may have incorporated this technology. Soon you would have no necessity to visit the mall anymore, you could window shop from the comfort of your home, even view what a particular outfit would look like on you.

The introduction of various fields generating creation of educational content allows a student to dissect organisms to study their biology without actually harming the said animal and therapeutic content for ailing or recovering patients. VR is also increasingly being used in the real estate sector proving to be a boon to builders and architects. All this, showing massive results, the industry is yet to see it's nearing boom.

Virtual reality is growing and expanding at such an alarming pace, it would be a small wonder if, tomorrow we employed this innovation in daily life, for simple daily chores or even complex business modules. Virtual reality is the next technological wave, that we will all ride upon and a day will come wherein we will co-exist as we do with computers and smartphones.