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How an ideal SEO package can help you get maximum exposure

How an ideal SEO package can help you get maximum exposure

Monday May 22, 2017,

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SEO plays an important role in achieving top rankings for your business and brings targeted customers.

As the entire gamut of the SEO services is very large, you must choose a set of features and make your own package.


Though, there is no disadvantage in choosing the complete on-page and off-page package.

However, with the changing digital landscape, it is very important to concentrate on a specific set of SEO features that can benefit your business and provide maximum exposure.

# 1 - Know Your Consumer

Before taking up your SEO packages, you must know your customer in advance. It is important to get a free/paid consultation from an SEO/Market Research expert to understand the digital footprints of your customer from a competitor point of view.

You can also send surveys to a large customer base and interact with people offline through a small event.

With a plethora of information, you will know the off-page areas to target which can get you maximum exposure.

# 2 - Concentrate On Mandatory Features

Every SEO package will contain a certain set of mandatory features which needs to be implemented to pass the Google guidelines and engage the consumer to become a loyal client.

It includes keyword analysis, preliminary SEO audit, competitor analysis reports, website performance check, duplicate content, meta tags optimization, internal linking structure, URL rewriting, anchor/heading tag optimization, search engine submission, Google map updation, site submission, and social media profile creation.

Your site must be optimized for above mandatory features (and a few more).

The most important element is that the site must be consistent and the content/sections must properly explain each and every aspect.

Every page of the site must be self-explanatory to the customer. The user interface must be friendly and engage the customer.

You can use your market research data and the above features to create an SEO friendly site which can attract search engine ranking and also engage the customers.

As the gamut of off-page SEO package features can go on, you must take basic SMO profile feature to create your social media profile, upload necessary images and infographics to match with the website branding. You can start by posting a weekly or bi-weekly post on your social media pages.

# 3 - Mobile Responsive

As per the new Google requirements, your site must be responsive to mobile devices.

Hence, it is important to ensure the SEO package contain optimizing your site from both responsive and latest Google guidelines in mind.

# 4 - Link Building

High-quality link building indicates that your site is very popular in your business network.

It is important to have a monthly link building task to add new links and maintain the existing links also.

Points To Ponder

To conclude, it is important to hire an on-page and marketing research expert to help you in the creation of a fully optimized site/social media profile page and customer footfalls data tasks.

Further, you can choose the off-page SEO package accordingly keeping your budget, profits, digital marketing trends, and customer’s digital footprints in mind.

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