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Why Adopting PWA Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic is a Good Idea?

Why Adopting PWA Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic is a Good Idea?

Tuesday May 12, 2020,

4 min Read

Coronavirus, the deadly invader has disrupted the lives of mankind all over the world showing no signs of quitting which is rising fear amongst all regarding the future. But we can't keep our lives and business wrapped up forever and during such pandemic, the eCommerce market has turned out to be the saviour which can be made even more effective by converting to PWA (Progressive Web App) Why? Let's figure out. 

The status of the eCommerce market during COVID-19

The eCommerce market is facing both challenges and opportunities during the pandemic that has struck us all badly. On the one hand, we can see the rise of usage of eCommerce apps and stores that are selling essentials like groceries, medicines & medical supplies, hygiene products etc., at the same time, due to the increased demand for all these items as people are panic buying and are stocking up necessities and health items due to the lockdown, the eCommerce apps and websites are struggling with serving their customers on time as well as their functionality is put to test.  

Due to the migration of regular offline shoppers towards online shopping and with people spending more time at home because of mass/self-quarantine, lockdowns, and closures to prevent the quick spread of the virus, the traffic on e-commerce websites and apps have increased tremendously but there are also certain e-businesses like luxury products, cosmetics, jewellery, fashion and apparel, etc. that are experiencing downsides in revenue due to COVID-19 effect. 

How adapting to PWA will help?

As we said above, there are two types of e-businesses right now, those who are gaining heavily due to pandemic i.e. grocery eCommerce apps, pharmacy eCommerce apps etc. and those who are suffering due to COVID-19 lockdown i.e spa/salon/laundry appointment booking app, online food delivery app, etc. Now let’s see the role of PWA for both categories. 

Category 1 - The e-businesses facing low demand 

The reason businesses who are undergoing low demand due to COVID-19 must think of progressive web app development is because, with PWA, such businesses can attract audiences to browse their products and catch the latest updates due to ample free time. They can take advantage of PWA to attract a potential group of customers with amazing app-like features such as quick access on the mobile home screen, push notifications, blazing-fast load speed, responsive design etc. to keep people engaged. 

They can also work on improving their website ranking as PWA is good for SEO. With no downloads and offline capability, via PWA you can keep customers engaged to your store with contests, entertainment, tasks, etc. too. 

Category 2 - The e-businesses facing high demand 

The pandemic will pass at some point and when life will get back to normal, people too will shift to other apps, which means the high demand for necessities is due to the pandemic and once it gets over, your demand will fall. Therefore, to keep going, preparing a PWA right now can benefit you in the future. Once they get impressed and used to your progressive web app, it is possible that the traffic to your online store or app continues even after the pandemic. 

What would you prefer PWA or nothing? 

We all know the extent of damage Coronavirus has done so far and can expect even more in the coming days. Fearing and suffering losses right now, many businesses are shutting down completely with no hope left. But remember, this too shall pass and once again things will get back to normal hence it is up to you what you choose, whether you want to give up or get prepared for future as PWAs can help you gain even after the pandemic. 

Once the COVID-19 bids goodbye which we hope happens soon, there will be a high peak in eCommerce sales, there, with your PWA you can shine quick and more than native apps or eCommerce stores due to its features like fast-loading, no downloads, auto-updates, offline functionality, etc.

Wrapping up 

Converting your website to PWA can prove to be the right decision now and after the pandemic, if you haven't done yet as it opens up wide options for you to attract and keep users engaged. Therefore, it is advisable to approach the best Magento progressive web app builder while you have time to get started with Magento PWA development and stay prepared for the future. 

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