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Ashok Arora from eWebGuru Shared 5 Reasons Why Startups Should Upgrade to Dedicated Servers

Ashok Arora from eWebGuru Shared 5 Reasons Why Startups Should Upgrade to Dedicated Servers

Thursday December 05, 2019,

7 min Read

Ashok Arora

Image Credit: Ashok Arora

Most of the startups begin their journey with a shared hosting service and rightfully so because these services can be set up with less hassle. Purchasing a web hosting service requires acquiring deeper knowledge about domains and web services. Thus, it can be quite challenging to opt for web hosting services with prior knowledge.

However, for the effective expansion of your website, shared hosting services can prove to be quite slow for your website. Sure, the shared hosting services are more affordable and easier but they come with just the bare necessities. This may hinder the growth of your website in the long-term and restrict your business to only a few people.

When should you upgrade to a dedicated web server?

Well sadly enough, there is no fixed answer to this question. Requirements for resources vary with each startup website. So, there is no hard and fast rule for determining the right time for owning a dedicated server. The time entirely depends on the requirements of your website and the reach you wish to achieve through it. However, if you notice the following symptoms, then getting a dedicated web service can be an advantageous solution for your website.

1. Slackening server speed:

If you notice a gradual fall in the speed of your website, then it is a clear indication that you need to change your server. Ideally, a website should load itself in a matter of four seconds. If your website if failing to do so, you need to opt for a dedicated web server. A switch to dedicated server services will give your website the required boost and a strong foundation. Thus, the loading time will come down considerably for your website. Along with this, a dedicated server service also promises a unique IP address, greater storage space, and more bandwidth.

2. Deteriorating performance:

If you happen to own more than a single website, then running all of them in a single shared hosting service can reduce the performances of all the websites considerably. If not tended to properly, all your websites could lose credibility and crash often. This is because all your websites will then share the services of the same shared hosting service and competing against each other for a share of greater bandwidth. Thus, having a single dedicated website will help you to manage your websites with greater ease and ultimately result in the smooth sailing of all your websites.

3. Increasing traffic:

A greater number of visitors each day mean that your website is increasing its reach and growing its business. Your website will be accessed more by people each day which demands more resources from your providing server. Thus, shared web hosting services will soon prove to be limiting for your website and the resources scanty. With a dedicated web service, you will be able to efficiently manage all the visitors on your website while maintaining the traffic of your website simultaneously.

Five advantages of having a dedicated server for your website

Now that you have the required knowledge of when to make a switch to a dedicated server for your website, you might as well learn about the advantages of having a dedicated server. The dedicated server will act as a digital manager for your website. The service will keep a close check on the performance of your website and deliver greater resources in times of need. With a dedicated server, you will be able to harness greater potentials from the web hosting service and reap more financial benefits from your website(s).

To talk elaborately, Ashok Arora from eWebGuru shared 5 main reasons why startups should upgrade their business websites to dedicated servers.

1. Total control:

Having a dedicated server means that the server will only run your website. Staying true to its name, with a dedicated server you don’t have to share the bandwidth, the resources or the webserver with any other website. The dedicated web server will control your website and feed it with the necessary juices during the time of a peak surge in traffic. Additionally, you can also customize the dedicated web server as per your requirements and benefits for your website. Thus, the scope of compromise is less in the case of a dedicated web server.

2. A 24*7 customer support system:

Since you will be making the additional effort of churning out quite a few bucks for a dedicated server hosting, you will be also rewarded with unparalleled customer support. The executives at the customer support system are trained personnel who are skilled to solve the probable problems that you might face. Thus, be assured that the executives will have your back at all hours of the day, 365 days a year.

3. Greater speeds:

Switching to a dedicated web server will immediately benefit you with greater speeds. A dedicated web hosting service will give you access to super-fast speeds. Evidently, faster internet speeds will lead to greater user turnover. In this day and age where people are switching to a faster internet connection with each update, slower speeds can be a deterrent for your website and kill your reputation in the business world. The statistics are a living testament to this fact. It is seen that the delay of a single second in loading a website can lead to a drop of 7% in user engagement.

Thus, in a highly competitive market, a simple switch from a shared web hosting service to a dedicated server can keep your business afloat.

4. Enhancement in security services:

Shared hosting services are unsafe for storing sensitive data. And if your website is handling crucial information of your customers, then in due course of time, a shared web hosting service can turn out to be a nuisance. To avoid putting any valuable information at risk by sharing an insecure web server, you ought to make the necessary switch to a dedicated web server.

Whether your website handles confidential data of customers or not, the security of your website should be your topmost concern. A dedicated web server means that your website is the sole one running on it and is thus way more secure than shared web hosting services. In the case of any mishaps, you will be able to track down the issues faster and with greater ease as with a dedicated web server, you will be addressing the problems for just your website.

5. Increased infrastructure and access to resources:

With a dedicated web server, your website can easily host large files without cutting down its performance. In the case of a shared web hosting service, it so happens that an expanding website shows signs to slow down for hosting video content or other downloadable content. Such websites also stand a chance to get blacklisted by its shared hosting provider as your website will then consume the majority of the resources of the server and in turn, decrease the whole shared server’s functionality.

On the contrary, a dedicated web server serves only your website and adopts accordingly to make sure that your website always delivers optimum performance. The strong infrastructure of the dedicated web server will thus make sure that it provides ample resources to keep your website up and running in peak traffic.

To sum it all up, you should have the required know-how to keep your website equipped for days of high traffic. The dedicated web server will provide you with more powerful and tailor-made resources which will ensure that you have complete control over your website.

However, if you feel that you need to know more about web hosting services before jumping to a conclusive decision, you can head to websites like which offers both shared web hosting services and dedicated website hosting services and provides specialized assistance and guidance on web hosting services over 24x7 customer service.