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Augmented Reality Ring

It is the era of modernization and advanced technology implemented in almost every sector of life. When we talk about the technological advancements, we cannot really ignore the implementation of AR or augmented reality in various sectors of our lives.

Augmented Reality Ring

Thursday January 17, 2019,

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It is the era of modernization and advanced technology implemented in almost every sector of life. When we talk about the technological advancements, we cannot really ignore the implementation of AR or augmented reality in various sectors of our lives.

It has taken the real and virtual experiences to an entirely different level and with its implementation on the retail and e-commerce market, it has indeed grabbed the attention of a mammoth share of the millennials today! There are many brands who are using this technology at its best to provide the customers with a whirlwind shopping experience.

With growing time and advanced technological implementations, the shopping experience has also changed and right from clothing to jewellery, you can now get the taste of augmented reality in everything you buy through these companies who started utilizing the technology for the same. The Augmented Reality Ring is one such invention in the tech world which allows you to choose a ring of your choice through the implementations of this technology. We will know more about it below

How is this technology implemented in the jewellery market or used for the ring purchase?

To implement the augmented reality technology in ring buying, one has to use an app designed for the purpose. The apps can be downloaded from the official sites of the companies offering the facilities or there are some apps available on the Google play stores and iOS app stores as well. This technology lets you decided on your choice of a ring (or other jewellery) in a way that you are checking it or trying it on your own hands without actually being physically present on the store.

You can know your ring finger size, get to select your choice of colour, which design suits you best and other such important factors without visiting the shop. After downloading the app, you will get the option to scan your hand for it to recognize and then put the ring on any desired finger of your choice.

It will automatically show you your ring size, whether it’s fitting properly or not, etc. It will help you decide on the ring of your choice, choosing over several of ring designs from the store, decide whether it looks good on your finger or not and finally you can buy the ring without actually visiting the real store.

What are the benefits of going for Augmented Reality Ring purchasing rather than buying it from a physical store?

Well, if we talk about the benefits, there are many of them. Firstly, it saves you time and the effort of physically visiting a store and picking up a ring of your choice. You can make the choice and purchase the ring sitting back at home with just a few click son your compatible device and it is done. One more beneficial advantage of this technology is that you have no limitations if trying designs for the purchase. Every design that the jewellery store can offer to you is presented in the list and you can choose any out of it as many times as you want.

You can try every ring designs avail if possible so that you understand how each of them looks on your fingers. Apart from these benefits, the secured modes of payment, the option to choose from more than one jewellery store, the home delivery option, etc. has its own advantages to make every customer a happy buyer using the augmented reality technique.

What is the future of this technique and what are the goals that the jewellery market is trying to accomplish through this technique?

The primary goal of the marketers now is to obviously grab customer attention and make the user experience an easy and smooth one. Also, the marketing strategies are made solid when you bring the latest trends and technologies in enhancing your business. When the customers see that they get easy access to buying rings of their choice without having to visit the physical stores and at times, the proposals are cost-friendly too, then obviously the sales efficiency increases and it is a good sign for the businesses bringing on this technology for their customers. With much more development in the technological niche, it’s expected to grow more and bring on ore such new advancements to make the user experience a happier one!

The final take

With the growing world, we need to buckle up and start catching up on the trends so that we don’t miss out on the benefits. At times, we feel that implementing technology at everything may take away the idea of traditions and values from us. but we must also realize that by putting in fewer efforts if we still get the best results, then we should not shy away from benefitting out of these technological advancements; The Augmented Reality Ring counts amongst such an innovative invention!