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HUG - Happiness Under Guidance(non medical care giver)

HUG - Happiness Under Guidance(non medical care giver)

Sunday March 05, 2017,

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HUG – Happiness Under Guidance ( https://www.facebook.com/madhavi.hug/#) 


HUG – Happiness Under Guidance ( https://www.facebook.com/madhavi.hug/#) is my baby looking to extend more and more love and hugs to our seniors. Every second of our time given to them brings happiness in abundance in their lives.While hoping to care for a loved one, the first things to always clash with our daily schedule are time, distance and energy. Having to maintain this balance leaves us helpless, flooding our minds with thoughts that question our capabilities which begin with ‘How I wish…’

Having my parents and In-laws in a city 1,529 Km away, I have often found myself in similar situations. However, this feeling has only taught me to be helpful and I see it in a positive light. By aiming to provide love, assistance and warmth, I seek inspiration from the love and feel motivated to not only aid others through their journey, but also hope to offer something extra by involving them in an experience with some new company!

As an extremely social person, I understand that we have our jobs to attend to, friends and family to spend time with, take care of our own health and most importantly, travel and live life, make ourselves happy. In that very moment, when you feel like you cannot handle it all alone, I encourage you to make me a call and allow me to ease the sense of stress that’s on you, making your responsibilities a lot easier to handle.

Running to take care of one’s errands or accompanying your loved one to watch a movie, a visit to the temple or even a routine check-up at the doctor’s - it could be a drop and pick up within the same city or even a place outside the city, the list is long and the possibilities are endless. We can start with one and progress to the next step according to your convenience!

HUG (Happiness Under Guidance) invites you to embrace what it has to offer and enables you to lead a carefree life, freeing you from the burden of multiple responsibilities.