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Wednesday November 30, 2016,

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This young company which is now almost 2 years old started out with a very interesting Idea. Delivering fresh coconut water at the doorsteps of their clients. It also was one of the first companies to do so at that point in time. The company created a completely new need and market with its coconut water monthly subscription plan in Dwarka & Gurgaon. The coconut water which is provided is also in its natural form and thus in the shell itself, just chopped from the top , cling wrapped and done in such a way that one can open it with the simplest of kitchen knife. The company serves in most of the premium societies in Gurgaon and Dwarka. The company has also got a very unique way to have fresh coconut water in the offices/ office complexes by setting up their eco friendly cart concept. One of the carts is placed at the prominent one horizon centre in Gurgaon and the other used to be placed at Indigo's office.

The company has been doing an almost 70% Growth MOM and should be expanding soon

Our cart at One horizon , Gurgaon