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Bella Vita Organic- India's Fastest Growing Natural Skincare Brand

Bella Vita Organic

Bella Vita Organic- India's Fastest Growing Natural Skincare Brand

Friday December 27, 2019,

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Bella Vita - Connoisseur of Organic Skin Products

Aakash Anand describing his venture Bella Vita Organic or ‘The Good Life’

It was originally founded by my mother and sister, Mrs. Anju Anand and Miss Aashima Anand.  And, they have dedicatedly brought into being, handcrafted and organic beauty solutions, inspired by the natural elements of the earth and ancient beauty practices. At an initial stage, the products were made at home till we established a manufacturing unit in the year 2017. I joined Bella Vita Organic family in July 2018. And, eventually, we established the retail front online. 

The brand aims to bring organic, cruelty-free, chemical free products and services into being and revive an age old natural way of life inspired by the most beautiful, unadulterated, and holistic natural elements of the earth.

How the idea of Bella Vita Organic took birth

The core vision to bring to today’s new age consumer, products and services made from the most qualitative natural ingredients in their purest form is what prompted us to incept the brand. Each Bella Vita Organic product and service satiates the philosophy of nourishing the body with elements that are privy to its natural habitat.

Founders of Bella Vita Organic - Mrs. Anju Anand & Miss Aashima Anand

Mrs. Anju Anand & Ms. Aashima Anand - Founders of Bella Vita Organic

Uniqueness about the products - Pure and Organic

Each product and service Bella Vita Organic curates has been backed by state-of-the-art craft and legacy-driven expertise in addition to being derived from mother earth. We, as a brand, recognize the fact that you’ll always be in the skin you’re in. And hence, we guide our consumers through honouring and protecting it.

Awarded as the Best Natural Brand, 2019 by Skin Organ, our products are directly sourced from the lush green lands of Kerala & South East Asia and stand unadulterated. We aim towards facilitating beauty that performs and transforms to people all across the globe.

Revenue Generation of Bella Vita Organic

As a brand it has displayed tremendous growth over last couple of years. Today, with the monthly revenue exceeding INR 7.5 Million, we have successfully positioned ourselves as a profitable, debt-free, and an eco-friendly brand in the market.

Bella Vita Organic and Maintaining Worklife Balance of Aakash

Building a company isn't a 9-to-5 job, and as an entrepreneur, your blood and sweat goes into turning your dream into reality. You have to give in the better of your best to be always a step ahead in the industry. However, irrespective of the long working hours, it becomes very important for you to unwind, have time to yourself, and spend some time with your family. 

These past couple of years have been handsome; we did most of the work ourselves. Over time, we have built an able leadership team. The style has changed from do-it-yourself to working with the team. Obtaining a work life balance is extremely important. When I am not working, I am mostly found spending some quality time with my family and friends. Playing multiple roles as a son, husband, father, brother, and as an entrepreneur efficaciously motivates me to thrive for the unachievable. My family are my biggest critiques, my sounding board.

Mr Aakash Anand - Founder of Bella Vita

Mr. Aakash Anand - Founder of Bella Vita Organic

Bella Vita Organic's Bestselling Products

Though Bella Vita Organic has a list of best selling products to its name, there are a few that top that list. Nicolips Lip Lightening Scrub Lip Balm For Dark, Dry, Chapped & Damaged Lips; GrowBrow Eye Brows EyeLash Hair Growth and Volume Oil; Eyelift Under Eye Gel Cream for Dark Circles, Puffy Eyes & Wrinkles;

Nailstrong Oil For Cuticle Care, Nail Growth & Strength; Papaya Face Gel Creme And Series For Glow, Pigmentation Blemish Removal With Papaya & Saffron; CelebShine (Nude & Gold) Shimmer Body Gloss Lotion For All Skin Types, account to those few. 

Apart from being eco-friendly, these products are cruelty-free and organic. They symbolize our constant trust in the chastity of nature's creations. If you glance at the list of ingredients used in making these products, you won’t find any toxic chemicals like parabens, sulphates, and phthalates. Everything they make is clinically tested and cruelty-free, so you can use it without a worry. And, now a days, people prefer these natural skincare products over the ones with harsh chemicals.

Who are the competitors

We believe in competing with our own selves by bettering the existing products every now and then. However, brands like Forest Essentials, Khadi, Mamaearth, St. Botanica, and Biotique can be termed as our competitors.

As a brand, Bella Vita Organic not only sells and delivers regime-oriented skincare products and services but also, additionally, offers 24 by 7 expertise navigating our customers through every step of their care journey. The team very meticulously assesses their concerns and tends to them over and above just the physical application of our products. 

Moreover, all our products are directly sourced from the lush green lands of Kerala & South East Asia and stand unadulterated. Additionally, we offer a varied variety of skincare products at affordable prices.

This article is curated by Mr. Aakash Anand, who is founder of Bella Vita Organic based at Gurugram.