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4 steps non-technical entrepreneurs should take to ensure startup success

4 steps non-technical entrepreneurs should take to ensure startup success

Friday March 02, 2018,

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Starting a company of your own is indeed a difficult task and calls for a lot of courage and hardwork. However, the challenges are increased if you are a non-technical entrepreneur. Without being tech-savvy, you may have to work even harder to give your start-up a grand success. Here are 4 quick tips that, if followed by the non-technical entrepreneurs will make their path towards success easier.


1. Talk to your customers: Customers play a significant role in any business. But, if you are a non-technical entrepreneur, then your customers need to take active participation. Ask your customers their requirements. Talk to people and understand the overall market demand. Look for loopholes in the current system, and work on those to explore a new venture. This will help you to gather ideas for how to start about and give you the stepping stone.

2. Design a prototype: Jot down your ideas. Being non-technical does not stop you to sketch your idea. Design the look and feel of the products of your start-up, without going into the technical details and coding complications. This will help your technical team to work on it and materialise your dreams.

3. Look for a techie co-founder: Before you start your journey, it is essential to look for a techie co- founder. Look for friends and family in close circle, who has the passion to explore the new and join with you in the new journey. This will also help you to distribute the job as technical and business oriented and make things easier.

4. Start pre-selling: Pre-sell your products to your potential customers, with high discount. This will encourage them to buy your products, review and give the necessary feedback. Pre-selling will help you identify the technical glitches and mend them early.

It is difficult for a non-technical entrepreneur to make a start-up a success, but not impossible. Work according to the plans and you will achieve success for your start-up.