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Features in online flight reservation system that results in growth of travel companies

Features in online flight reservation system that results in growth of travel companies

Monday June 25, 2018,

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The success of every airline company now depends on what ease and convenience it is offering to its clients. Every travel company irrespective of its size needs online flight reservation system for its survival in the competitive industry. With online flight reservation system, the presence of travel companies becomes global. So, a modern, cohesive, flexible and robust reservation system is now needed for travel agencies.

Best Features of a successful online flight reservation system are discussed below:

Eye-Catching Booking Button: “Book Now” button of flight reservation must be designed in an appealing way. It should be clearly visible, bright and must be placed on a screen where it is easy to find.

Mobile Bookings: As innovations in the telecom sector and new internet technologies like 4g, people now have become mobile friendly. They shop online, book movie tickets on the phone, watch the traffic, read books and newspapers online and much more for their mobiles. In a similar way, travelers now book their flights online. So, to grab these modern and new age travelers mobile presence of your online flight reservation system is a must. Passengers can book a flight from anywhere. Its presence must be on every platform such as Android, App Store, windows so that any potential traveler will not be missed. Mobile app must have real-time updates of information about prices and seat availability.

Post Booking Management: This feature of online flight reservation system allows a travel to make changes in their bookings. After signing in the account, a traveler can add ancillary services, can change the seats, change their flight and cancellation of bookings. This will lead to increase upselling of products.

Social Share Buttons: As sharing on social media accounts such as facebook, twitter has become a trend. There should be a social sharing button on the dashboard of flight reservation system so that traveler can share booking information with his friends.

Payment Options: There should be multiple options for payment available in-flight reservation system such as net banking, credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, paypal. With payment through mobile wallets, travelers can avail extra discounts and cash backs. An additional feature of automated card details storage must be present in the system so that a client will not feel the pain of putting card details every time he is making bookings.

Multi-Lingual System: As flight reservation system makes the presence global of every travel company. So it should have an option of selecting the language. Every traveler is more comfortable in his native language. So this is a must add a feature to increase overseas client base.

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