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Tips to escalate e-commerce business through order fulfilment strategies

Tips to escalate e-commerce business through order fulfilment strategies

Wednesday March 14, 2018,

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Order Fulfillment is a predominant segment of any e-commerce business. Having an engaging website is inadequate for the growth of your business; at the end of the day, sales is what matters. Customer placing order is not the success of your business, fulfilling the order without any delay is very important as it influences the customers to decide their next purchase with you. 

Hence a well-planned fulfilment strategy helps you to fulfil orders irrespective of purchase ratio, thereby increasing your companies’ credibility to your customers and increasing return customers. Here are some of the order fulfilment strategies to escalate your e-commerce business.

1. Decoding the demand patterns:

It is always important to track your business performance. This is crucial for order fulfilment as it gives the entire dimension of your sales i.e you can have clarity on the top performing items and least performing items, on the seasonal sales of your products and also the customer’s preference. This will help you to have stocks of fast moving items ready in your warehouse so that you can provide service to customers even at the last minute.

2. Simple Return Policies:

Customers are temperamental when it comes to booking a product online. Sometimes even after booking and delivery of the product, customers return the product due to several reasons and this is inevitable. In order to evade this, few sellers structure the rate of the product such a way that it includes the cost of reverse logistics. It is crucial for any seller to have an easy return policy as this also adds up to building trust with the customers. Scrutinizing the product immediately after the return will reduce the time taken to send it back to the inventory.

3. Automation is the key:

By automating the process you can fast-track the entire fulfilment process. Since there would be no human interaction, the entire process will be error-free, uninterrupted and without any backlog. With the option to track real-time movement of the shipment, you can intimate your customers on the status of the delivery of the shipment. This will be helpful to showcase credibility of your company and gain the confidence of the customer.

4. Adopt fulfilment centre for your business:

With sky-high competition in online business, it is requisite to fulfil the order on time as customers might opt for other services if delay or damage occurs in the delivery of the product. If you are a startup and not able to manage the entire process of last mile delivery, then it is optimal to adopt 3rd party fulfilment. Fulfilment centres provide warehouse where you can store your products and when a customer orders a product they pack the parcel and deliver it to the customer. 

Programs like Fulfilment by Amazon manage customer support and return management, COD, fast delivery apart from the pick, pack, and delivery process. This will help you to concentrate on spreading your business, client acquisition and customers will be happy with your services.


Order fulfilment is the key to success of any e-commerce business. By leveraging on-time delivery, customers will come back to you for more, also spread your business through word-of-mouth. With good order fulfilment strategies, a business can scale up in no time.