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Choosing a Blog Topic

Tips on Choosing a Blog Topic to Promote Product or Service

Choosing a Blog Topic

Wednesday November 28, 2018,

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It requires careful consideration and exercising judiciousness while choosing a blog topic for promoting any product/service via online website. Promotional blog articles need to be able to capture and also sustain attention for achieving the desired marketing goals. Effective blogging constitutes a crucial part of an overall digital marketing strategy.

Regardless of whether you own a small business, or have a multinational company. Blogging is key to your online content marketing strategy. Content marketing, on the other hand, is an important tool for Digital marketing. Blogging, however, will not help much. If the topic you will be discussing on is irrelevant to your commercial interest. It fails to interest the targeted audience and is not properly displayed on suitable social media channels.

In this article, attention will be focused primarily on what blogging is, what purposes it serves, how to effectively select blog topics so that it does not escape the attention of targeted audiences online. Let us cultivate some knowledge regarding the mentioned subjects now.

Types and Uses of Blogs

A blog can be described as a web page or website penned down in a conversational or informal style for easy understanding of the subject discussed and ensure better engagement. This website or web page is regularly upgraded to sustain the attracted attention. This is a kind of informational website

A blog can be of multiple types and the categorization is made on the basis of the content topic, content delivery mode, and the content writing style. There are

  • Personal blogs
  • Group blogs
  • Micro blogging
  • Corporate blogs
  • Aggregated blogs

The Purpose of Blogging

Blogging is gaining importance increasingly in the business and digital marketing sphere due to these reasons

  • It helps in driving traffic to your website
  • This facilitates generating new leads and nurturing them appropriately for your business/brand
  • Relevant & interesting blog topic and content helps to trigger up the SEO ranking.
  • Gives you a scope to engage better with targeted audiences and thus can be effective in enhancing customer relationships.

The Significance of Choosing a Blog Topic

The topic of the blog you are writing is highly instrumental in attracting as well as in retaining the targeted audiences. Irrelevant, inappropriately informed, uninteresting and lack of novelty can cause the targeted customers to leave your blog halfway. “Content is King” but the topic of the content actually determines if it can even participate in the game of throne!

A Topic That You Have a Passion for Writing

You are required to stay interested, motivated and focused on making regular updates to your content. In order to promote product/service with greater efficiency, a blogger has to make updates or changes to the blog content on a frequent basis that might include multiple time in a day.

A Topic That You Feel Confident to Debate On

You need not be just passionate about the chosen topic. But also have the confidence to support it and explain it properly. When challenged by others who oppose the idea portrayed. People from various walks of life and with different opinion and mindsets will be going through your product promotional blog and will post their comments, which might not always be something easy to swallow.

A Topic that You Have Knowledge About & Enjoy Researching

You get the confidence to debate on a blog topic online with the targeted audience only. When you possess sufficient know-how regarding the topic. You knowledge always need not come from your academic pursuits in this matter.

SEO Tools to Find Blog Topics

There are a few Search Engine Optimization tools available to generate blog topics that can justify your niche and targeted audience. SEMrushBuzzSumo etc are such examples.

Focus on Trending Articles and Steal Like a Smarty

Use trending article as good examples and get influence from them to pen-down your own topic. Which will be relevant to your promotional objective and your audience. You will go through the solution-oriented content that appeal to the masses and shape your content based on them but in a unique manner. Listicles always attract attention like “5 Best…”; “10 Most….”. Rewrite and re purpose the content on the basis of your targeted people and niche.

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