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COVID 19 - My Triumphant Stint towards Regional Infopreneurship

Impacting regional sensibilities across India

COVID 19 - My Triumphant Stint towards Regional Infopreneurship

Saturday August 01, 2020,

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"Don't waste time creating regional content online" was what I was told by society around. Yet, today, my platform and online business is helping thousands of rustic folks gain easy access to quality information and solutions.

As my platform goes bigger in terms of numbers and reach, I am determined more than ever to build a growing community of regional voices that must be heard.

Becoming a Regional Infopreneur Amidst a Global Meltdown

Since COVID-19 stuck the world, the entire economy began to shake. However, there were a few industries that started to boom. Regional content industry was one just strong stand out.

I saw this coming early on actually and then finally mustered the courage to start my own platform - Divya Dainika.

With smart phones becoming extremely nominal and mobile data connections cheap, even the most remote regions of our nation are witnessing a revolution in terms of technological penetration.

And this is exactly my stint as a Regional Infopreneur is turning out to be empowering for me as well as for all the countless voices that need to be heard.

With every passing day, I see an increase in my website's Alexa ranking, pageviews and visitors. With each visit, my resolve as a Regional infopreneur grows even stronger.

Launching Divya Dainika - My Online Business Enterprise

I am somebody who is deeply connected with my roots, my language and my culture. And I’ve always believed that one’s language or location should never be a barrier in learning new things.

With these thoughts in mind, I launched my first bi-lingual platform – Divya Dainika.

My intent is to make people, especially women empowered by hearing them out, providing solutions and sharing new avenues with them. It's high time that we stop conforming to society's toxic standards.

Divya Dainika is on a mission to make millions of women aware of their rights and also nurture their desire to be happy. I know I have a long road ahead of my but my journey has begun.

When I started it, I took a great risk because everybody around me was writing in English. And yet, when I look back today my decision turned out to be fruitful because the content that is created on my platform is easily consumed by the vernacular masses.

Connecting with Women via Video Apps & Providing Empowering Solutions

As a woman who has slogged years and years fighting patriarchy in its worst forms, I've made up mind to help more and more women stay empowered by means of useful information and technology.

Hence, on my platform Divya Dainika, I will be creating audio-video content pertaining to women centric issues and also provide online sessions and counselling.

These sessions will be a result of data collected from the length and breadth across India so as to focus on real life problems and solutions.

As a Regional Infopreneur, it makes me feel useful to be interacting with people online and spanning out a positive message. With each solution provided, a life gets empowered. This is the power of regional content and accessibility in these contemporary times.

If my blog is becoming into a positive place where people are not just picking up a skill but also feeling productive, it makes me positive as well.

Adapting to Google's Natural Language Processing During COVID-19 Disruption

At a time when Google itself is laying so much stress on Natural Language Processing, it is a fantastic time to create a platform that caters to regional language sensibilities.

The world's biggest tech giant is slowly understanding the value of regional dialects. Also, the underlying sentiment of the masses who prefer speaking, writing, understanding and thinking in their own language.

After all, there are millions and millions of people who want to access quality information and my job as the Founder of Divya Dainika is to provide value in the form of informative content.

Therefore, I am happy that Divya Dainika is catering to the regional sentiment already.

Right to Quality Information Should be the Norm for Everyone

Having pursuing writing from the past many years and even publishing three books made me realised the gaps that exist in the digital world. It was disappointing to discover that the information I needed for my growth wasn't available in my regional language.

And this one discovery made me undertake a tedious journey. On my path, I found a passionate Bengaluru based Entrepreneur - Ms. Akriti Mattu - The Founder of Blogging Elementary. And it was with her that new ideas began to grow within me.

I made up mind back then just as I got mentoring from an able individual, millions of people should have access to my mentoring as well and that too in their language.

Today, when I see visitors consuming the quality content off my platform, it feels really good.

At a time when people are getting lost amidst all that content flood, some sane regional voices are actually imparting quality information to people who need it urgently.

Divya Dainika is a platform for all such voices.