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Creating Apps That Attract Audiences

Two Main Steps to Build your App for Success

Creating Apps That Attract Audiences

Monday November 19, 2018,

5 min Read

Are you an app developer seeking to penetrate the crowded app market? Well, you have made the right call because the app development industry is a lucrative venture to try. Your greatest task yet is to attract smartphone users to download and retain the app on their phones. Here are the two main steps that you should take for your app to succeed.

Step 1: Make Sure that Your App Design Is User-Friendly

According to a study made by Compuware, more than half of all the apps installed on mobile devices are deleted within their first two minutes on the device. Among the major contributing factors to this unfortunate statistic is poor app designs. This is straightforward - the smart technology is too cool to have any room for boring devices, apps, or even tools. You must, therefore, ensure that your app design makes the best first impression so as to convince its potential users to retain it on their phones for more than two minutes. Ensure that your app design has:

- Make Your Game’s First On-Boarding Experience Straightforward and Interesting.

If users are able to comprehend your app’s first on-boarding steps within the first minute of downloading it, they will be interested to know more about it. Amaze the users with a beautiful app icon, back that up by improving the app’s navigability, and also go a step farther to add a cool background music if it’s a gaming app.

- Design Your App’s Name and Description in the Best Way Possible.

There is power in a name. When choosing and designing your app’s name, try to keep your target audience in mind. How best can they relate to the name? Ensure that you have captured the main keywords in the game’s niche in order to make it visible on the Apps store and the Play Store. How you design the caps in the name also sends a message to the user as to whether or not the app is fun enough. Below the App icon, don’t forget to add a catchy description that explains what the app is all about and why the user should have it.

- Use Push Notifications

This mostly applies to game apps. Using push notifications in your gaming app is a sure way of ensuring that users are constantly reminded to come back and play and, by practice and traditions, it’s hard to forget something that you are reminded about all the time.

Consider incorporating a push notification such as “Hey Sherriff! Come back, your city needs you!” You can also add a virtual milestone in your game that users reach out of hard work. Here is an example: “Hey Sergeant! You are only 1000 points away from becoming a captain! Click here to earn 100 bonus points”.

With such notifications, users will constantly be tempted to come back in order to feel the satisfaction that comes with hitting milestones after milestones.

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Step 2: Market Your App

Even with the best design, your app might struggle in the app market if you don’t market it in the right way. Get the message out there in every marketing platform at your disposal. Here are some marketing ideas that you can try.

- Social Media Marketing

The social media is unarguably the largest marketing platform of our times. The power of the social media is magnified by the fact that the greater majority of social media users are millennials- the same group that loves installing apps in their phones. What’s more, these millennials use their phones to browse online which means they are likely to download your app within minutes of seeing its ad on social media. You will significantly increase your app’s downloads by posting instructional videos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Better still, advertise your app by using targeted ads.

- Website Ads       

f you have a website, post as many ads as you can so that every visitor coming to your website can see the app. If possible, post apps from other developers too so that they too can post yours on their websites. That’s the surest way of leveraging the power of inbound marketing. This trick has been working for the best business apps you see today.

Step 3: Keep Impressing the User

After convincing users to download your app and then giving them a good user experience so that they can hang on for longer, it is now time to keep improving your app to avoid being toppled by new entrants. Update your app and add more features, improve its user experience, and even change its icon from time to time. Lastly, make your app as cheaper as you possibly can. People hate expensive things.

The success or failure of your app is entirely dependent on two things: how you design it and how you market it. The app development industry has become too competitive that if you leave any loose end that your competitors can exploit, an improved version of your app will be in the market within months of its launch. Don’t allow this to happen. Always come up with the most innovative apps within your niche.