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Have you Ever wondered How Lighting Plays an Important Role in Our Life?

Have you ever wondered why people hire lighting experts to illuminate their homes, offices or restaurants?

Have you Ever wondered How Lighting Plays an Important Role in Our Life?

Saturday November 12, 2016,

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Have you ever wondered why people hire lighting experts to illuminate their homes, offices or restaurants? The reason is light influences our moods in many ways. It improves productivity, sleep patterns, decision making abilities and much more. That is why people choose different types of lighting systems to decorate their homes.

People hire experienced lighting experts to create right ambience in their:

• homes,

• offices,

• restaurants,

• pubs,

• libraries,

• gardens, etc.

Let’s discover how lighting systems influence our lives:

Moods – According to several studies, poor lighting conditions may cause Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Symptoms of SAD can be extreme, includes:

• Mood swings

• Anxiety

• Sleep problems

• Suicidal thoughts, etc.

This shows that lighting directly influence our moods and lack of proper lighting may cause health related problems. Therefore, it is important to have a proper lighting system in your homes or offices. Proper lighting prevents negative thoughts, emotions and feeling of anxiety.

Productivity – Poor lighting may cause nervousness and uneasiness, which may hamper the productivity and a sense of creativity. Therefore, it is essential to implement warmer, cosier and comfortable LED light bulbs to illuminate a room. According to studies bright lighting systems improve productivity as well as concentration power.


• A lack of light can actually lead to a form of clinical depression.

• Bright rooms can spark creativity and encourage people to work more efficiently.

• According to Dutch studies, proper lighting (well -lit) improves students' concentration.

• Light is critical for our health and wellbeing.

• Our bodies need a good quantity of light at the right intensity and at the right time of the day.

Sleep cycles – Our sleep patterns are greatly influenced by the light; therefore, it is important to keep light dim in bedrooms. This will allow your body to take rest properly and improve your body’s functionality at the same time.


• Regulating exposure to light is an effective way to keep circadian rhythms in check.

• Exposure to light at the right time helps keep the circadian clock on the correct time schedule. (source: helpguide)

Eyes – No doubt, direct exposure to natural and artificial light can cause damage to eyes. So always choose the most comfortable and soothing light at home or office. This will prevent headaches, eye strain and other problems related to eyes. You can use small LED light bulbs to create a soothing ambiance.

Decision making – Bright light affects decision making capacity of a person. Hence, you should choose lights accordingly. It will greatly improve decision making and other capabilities that improves the likelihood of success.


• Use LED lighting because it is by far the most energy efficient, the cleanest and eco-friendly way of illumination.

LED Facts:

• LED lights are free from toxic chemicals.

• LEDs are extremely durable and built with sturdy components that are highly rugged and can withstand even the roughest conditions.


The above facts show that how lighting plays an important role in our life, so, use the best lighting system available.

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