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Top business blogs to read and follow in 2018

Are you ready to make 2018 the best year yet? If you're completely "brand new" to your business, or perhaps you've never heard of any of the blogs mentioned below, these are highly recommended to stay updated with the latest business trends!

Top business blogs to read and follow in 2018

Thursday March 01, 2018,

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Whether you're just beginning for the very first time or wanting to take your current business or blog to a whole new level this year, business blogs are beneficial for you. Business and entrepreneur related blogs can be a valuable source of inspiration, insight, new ideas and networking opportunities. There are hundreds of such blogs on the web, so to help you get started, we’ve put together this list of the 13 most useful and exciting business and entrepreneur blogs we could find. Note that only blogs that are active in 2018 are considered for our list.

Image Credits: Pexels

Image Credits: Pexels

EO network blog: This blog is created by the world's most influential community of entrepreneurs - The Entrepreneurs’ Organization. The blog provides you with valuable insights from the world's leading entrepreneurs. Stay updated with what's happening in the global business landscape. Different leading entrepreneurs write articles here. Not only the articles, but you will also find interviews with business experts, stories by global business speakers, the best business books, guest posts from distinguished business bloggers, tools you need to grow your business, insights into the state of entrepreneurship and the global trend reports. 

Under 30 CEO: Do you find it difficult to do what you love with your ongoing business? Well Under 30 CEO is a business blog which guides you to keep your focus both on traveling as well as entrepreneurship. With this blog, you will stay motivated as it shows you how to build a business that you have always dreamt of along with living the life. This blog is truly an inspiration. You will learn and be inspired by how young, and passionate business-oriented entrepreneurs started their companies from scratch and do wonders!

Startupr: It is one of the top recommendations to get a complete knowledge of upcoming trends in Hong Kong. Startupr specializes in helping small business owners grow their business, generate more sales and boost their profits. Also, if you're looking for simple, comprehensible and applicable marketing advice and strategies to grow your business in Hong Kong for 2018, look no further than Startupr! The blog is full of advice and strategies for building and running a profitable business.

Blog of Guy Kawasaki: You must have definitely heard of Guy. Earlier, he was the chief evangelist of Apple and a trustee of the Wikimedia Foundation. Currently, he is the chief evangelist of Canva, brand ambassador for Mercedes-Benz and an executive fellow of the Haas School of Business (UC Berkeley). Known as a successful evangelist, author, and speaker, there is no doubt of the kind of talent he posses. He has written popular books like Rules for Revolutionaries, Selling the Dream, Reality Check, and many others. It is important to read his blogs to get the personal touch on evangelism. He himself is a motivation for many business entrepreneurs. 

Entrepreneur: Just started off with your new business? The Entrepreneur is a blog that you must read! It has all the information required from growth strategies to legal issues, human resources, productivity, lifestyle, innovation, technology, finance, money, marketing, and branding. You can get your daily dose of helpful advice, inspiration, and motivation from the leading entrepreneurs from various industries and countries.

Youngupstarts: Bored of reading the same business blogs? Youngupstarts is all about ideas, innovation, and small business tips for young entrepreneurs. All the authors here write about the things that change the world to make it a better place. They cover the stories and leadership pieces that help businesses and entrepreneurs to become better at what they do. Authors here particularly love to produce content that highlights young people. What they do, how they celebrate their vision and role in shaping the world with their products, ideas and services.

Mike Michalowicz blog: Mike Michalowicz has formed and sold several multi-million dollar companies. He has set an example for young entrepreneurs to not fear failure. He went through a journey filled of successes and the failures. Through his blog, he wants to share tips for starting and building a strong business. He shares better ways to build healthy and strong companies. He has very clearly described innovative strategies and formulas that changed his life and life of many entrepreneurs. Mike has explained a very simple yet powerful formula: “Profit First Formula,” a way to ensure businesses profitability. Mike is popular for his books and his multi-million dollar ventures, for his articles on The Wall Street Journal and his primary speeches on innovative entrepreneurial topics. 

Noobpreneur blog: Want to enter entrepreneurship with the right mindset? What's better than an award-winning small business online magazine? Noobpreneur blog offers tips and ideas for those who want to enter entrepreneurship with the right mindset and even for small business owners. Here you will find small business trends and industry insights shared by small business owners, professionals, and experts.

Apiumhub blog: In this era of technology, it is vital to stay updated with the technology tips related to the industry. This blog is known for innovative, technological and agile project management. Here you will find the best technology industry tips, trends, and best applications. All helpful information about Mobile apps, Websites, Big Data, IoT, Augmented reality, Blockchain technology, Agile, Datafication, tech promising startups, Smart Cities, natural language processing, emerging projects and many more.

VentureStorm Blog: How do you stay updated with the technologies involved in the growth of your business? This blog is all about inspiration, ideas, and the latest on technology and entrepreneurship. With this blog, you can see how technology helps businesses grow. Here you may find innovative projects and leaders who are seeking to change the world.

Entrepreneurship interviews: Love true stories of real life entrepreneurs and their businesses? This blogs got it for you! The blog is all about business ideas, opportunities, funding, putting together teams, beginnings, and failures. In other words, it’s the entrepreneur’s “reality-show.” Business owners love to share their stories, and this is the place where they can tell about their business cases.

Business Green: Looking for some information on green economy? Business Green is the leading source of information on this! Business Green provides you the latest news and in-depth analysis on green business and other environmental issues related to the business. It is important to learn about the new disruptive and revolutionary green projects which tackle environmental issues and will change the world. Also, the blog is a perfect opportunity to get inspired and see how to make your business greener.

Chris Brogan's Blog: And the last one on our list is Chris Brogan's Blog. Chris Brogan is the founder and writer at ChrisBrogan.com. He is the CEO of Owner Media Group, a sought-after public speaker and New York Times bestselling author of 10 books. With his blogs, Chris shows business owners how to use media and community to earn more customers and many things related to the media. 

Are you ready to make 2018 the best year yet? If you're completely "brand new" to your business, or perhaps you've never heard of any of the blogs mentioned above, these are highly recommended to stay updated with the latest business trends!

Also, if you're following an entrepreneur, influential person, blogger, or business blog that is not mentioned here, feel free to share in the comment section!