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Adding Sprinklers to my life!

How I started with my own online baking venture,"Baked Beauty"

Adding Sprinklers to my life!

Monday November 14, 2016,

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What is that one thing that you look for at a party? "Cake!" So, we are here to solve your problem about searching for a perfect one for your birthday specially. Being the Founder and CEO of Baked Beauty we provide you with customized baked products all our Delhi and NCR.

My journey towards this venture has been like a rollercoaster.

I was always fond of cooking, and tried my luck at well known show but at primary stage i wasn't selected because I had no knowledge of baking. I was always very curious about baking, so this gave a challenge to actually try and bake a cake. So started watching YouTube channels and almost tried 50 times before I actually was able to bake a perfect cake.

Just after my 12th exams, i took a basic baking class and I started baking frequently.

Few of my friends started appreciating my baking skills and asked me to teach them, so my baking journey started through actually teaching others how to bake and it also brushed up my skills.

So i baked a cake for my sister's birthday and posted a picture of that cake on FaceBook and alot of people appreciated. While discussing about it with one of my friend, I created a Facebook page deciding upon the name as 'Baked Beauty' in the year 2013.

I always wanted to do Hotel Management by because of this Indian Taboo of girls not doing some specific courses, I was forced to do BBA. Started my Bachelors in Business Administration, where my friends and teachers got to know about my baking skill. One of my friend wanted me to bake a cake for his sister's birthday, which was my first order at Baked Beauty. 

My parents had this feeling that I am a girl, and would not be able to do much for them and would gradually get married by as and when my parents watched me working hard for the same, they supported me in every way posibble, specially my dad. Not thinking about the fact of me being a girl, he has now provided me with a proper workshop to operate my functions there. 

The funny fact now is when my dad comes to me and say, "Hotel Management would have been a better option" and I just smile and say,"I did what I wanted", as I believe that we always find a way through what we really want to achieve. 

Now we operate all over Delhi and NCR as an online bakery. We provide customers with Customisation over cakes, brownies, cupcakes, macarons, chocolates and alot of more desserts and also Doorstep delivery. From a wedding Cake to a Baby shower cake. We also have a different menu such as Masala Chai Cake or Gulab Jamun Cake so as to blend with the Indian culture too. Baked Beauty catered to every needs and wants. We provide Corporate dessert gifting and festive Gift hampers. Gradually popularity started kicking at Facebook, instagram and zomato.

We operate on various social medias and also through word of mouth, as one satisfied customer leads to many others.

We are also providing Baking courses named as 'Be A Home Baker' where we teach young girls how to bake and start there own venture.

Baked Beauty participated in The Grub Fest, The Palate Fest and many more events. We were interviewed twice by the Rajya Sabha Television Channel as a young entrepreneur. Baked Beauty's poster has been published in "The Times of India" and "The Hindu" newspaper.


In present I am pursuing with my MBA and taking Baked Beauty to a new level.

We are associated with WEE {Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment} organisation headed by IIT Delhi, started by Mr. Sarandeep and Ms. Aparna.



It's been almost 4years and now we are connected with alot of customers and are looking forward for many more years to come with alot of new suprises.


Ms. Saniya Sarguru 

{Baked Beauty} 

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